Ovo malo duse

Ovo malo duse

A bitter coming-of-age story about boy who grows up in a remote Bosnian village shortly after the WW II.

A bitter coming-of-age story about boy who grows up in a remote Bosnian village shortly after the WW II. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Felipetroll H (gb) wrote: Extremely pretentious and boring wannabe gorefest disguised as an artsy documentary. Seriously, did you think that someone would seat through 4+ hours of... nothing? (I didnt)This crapfest fails on so many levels I don't even know where to start: gore sucks, editing sucks, music sucks, sound sucks, acting sucks... Truly setting new lows on movie making

Jamie I (de) wrote: Charlie Bartlett wants to be liked by everyone. And he's not above going to great lengths to achieve said popularity. For example, the movie begin as Charlie is thrown out of yet another prestigious private school for making his fellow classmates fake IDs. Hope Davis, Marilyn Bartlett, says in the beginning that there's more to life than being well-liked. She immediately retracts this statement. In public school Charlie gets his face pounded in by bathroom bully, Murphey and falls in love with the principal's daughter. Don't even get me started on Charlie's audition for the school play...beyond hilarious. Charlie quickly finds a knack in (unofficial) school psychiatry. He diagnoses and prescribes for his fellow classmates with the help of his new business partner, Murphey. Charlie Bartlett is one of those dramedies with enough serious mixed with plenty of funny. I'm noticing a new trend in movies. Anyway, it's quirky but I really liked Charlie Bartlett. What can I say he's a likable kid.

Courtney K (ag) wrote: this... was interesting. if anything, it made me feel really sad for the girl's sake & super mad at her parents. what a couple dead beats.

John P (ca) wrote: Blanchett is solid as usual, and the gritty drug-ridden Irish criminal society is given a convincing portrayal. Low-budget and restrained, but still gripping.

Guilherme N (es) wrote: Ok, this is a surrealistic movie

Richard K (it) wrote: I came on Two Family House quite by accident...and was so glad that I did. I gave it an A- which is a grade I rarely give. At time a bit of a stretch but I'm a softie and this really moved me.

Kevin B (au) wrote: I think people should watch this movie, get a bit of a true life storey and even more get to see what soem of our US historey was like.

Tiffany N Dawayne M (mx) wrote: I love this movie so much. How could u not!

Michael T (us) wrote: Certainly not A NIGHT AT THE OPERA, although Groucho sings "Lydia, the Tattooed Lady."

Tim M (ru) wrote: Again Tati plays Hulot and though he may actually say a few lines this time around he is as polite and bumbling as ever. There is less pure slapstick like the first and more smart, satirical humor with the slapstick. It is a story of a man, Hulot, who lives a simple life and one that is not in keeping with the advances in the modern world. He is the Hulot of the first film but now confronted with the changing times towards a modern and mechanical world. While Hulot doesn't fit in with the new age his young nephew loves being with him - showing that the young age are more naive to the advances of technology because they are more interested in simple fun which Hulot can provide. Tati provides fun himself with this film which again is executed very well specifically with the timing and pacing of the story just as in the first film. I enjoyed this a lot though I think the first in the series is funnier and more "classic" but this is great satirical and humorous film which is a great continuing adventure for Mr. Hulot.

John B (mx) wrote: Just plain disturbing, brutal, and very hard to watch.