Oxhide II

Oxhide II

The director shows herself and her parents making dumplings in their apartment with nine fixed camera positions, with which she revolves around the kitchen table.

The director shows herself and her parents making dumplings in their apartment with nine fixed camera positions, with which she revolves around the kitchen table. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Lucas Y (au) wrote: Interesting, well acted, but overall forgettable.

John H (br) wrote: It's a very confused movie; the naturalistic images clashes with the canned dialogue, the loose narrative is never sure quite what it wants to say, and the characters are too cold, self-obsessed, and jarring for a film that wants us to sympathize with them. It wants to be a Cassavetes-style piece, but the arch hipster tone forced on destroys the naturalism - and the humanity.

Marni B (ag) wrote: WOW.These riveting true stories of individuals wrongfully imprisoned on death row for decades will blow you away.

Jennifer L (au) wrote: Quiet tragic comedy in which Javier Bardem mastered his role as a pessimistic survivor without scruples who is willing to do about anything. Seeing it now in the midst of a recession, the film was timely-- how to live after layoffs. A mature comedy that is funny because of its realism and not because they tried too hard. At times, the thick hopelessness in the air made it hard to breathe, but despite its quiet tone, this movie is definitely worth seeing.

Christmas D (ru) wrote: I remember flipping channels and watching most of this. Its kinda funny, but crap nonetheless.

Shane J (br) wrote: Interesting idea even if it is a load of bobbins, lots of people can now swap bodies over great distances instead of actually travelling for real. Yes its as stupid as it sounds as well would u believe it but someone swaps bodies with a terrorist and the terrorist decides he cant be arsed to give it back. lots of poor action later and somehow the good guy ends up in a stephen baldwin clone so all is good. Typical straight to video affair with tons of b movie actors u will know and a surprising amount of boobs which was a pleasant surprise!! lol u can waste a few hours on it and be mildly entertained i suppose?

owald jr d (ca) wrote: this is the movie that realtes my real life story.....i love this movie

Nal T (ru) wrote: the movie is one of the worst movie i've watched.all actors are overacting.the end was absurd(salman came as a young soldier,come on,he is his 40s).i think it doesnt worth watching

Bob W (nl) wrote: Most famous of the spaghetti westerns. I liked Once Upon a Time...better, but most recognizable soundtrack of any western ever as well as an excellent cast that balances each other out. Fantastic climax!

Anthony F (gb) wrote: Does event come close to the book. Read it. You will not be disappointed.

Kevin M W (us) wrote: Chaplin writes, directs, acts and even wrote the music for this odd feature that has it's own story, yes, but is far more interesting for the underlying tale: that of a man watching time pass him by. He comments on a lot on the newfangled technology and learning to live with it, and how consumption becomes not only what we do but who we are, and that's obvious, but it's his unsaid bits that resonate. His Tramp, wrongly jailed, begs to stay when offered freedom, one of many insights offered in this complex piece that might live on longer than anything else he's famous for.

Marco E (gb) wrote: Loved it! You'll begin to understand his genius.

Angelo Dean B (kr) wrote: 3 Stars! Extremely Funny and Unique too.Old guys beating zombie bottom down. A bit biased too I'd say, the zombies move slower than the old dudes. Very funny!45% from the audience? That's cold.For me its 3 Stars / 60%

Jesse F (de) wrote: The two who steal the whole movie is Nathan Lane as Snowbell and Steve Zahn as Monty. Their hilarious presences in the film make for an enjoyable kids film.