Thirty-nine-year old divorcé Louise Harrington (Linney) works in the admissions office at Columbia University School of the Arts. She is unnerved when she receives an application from F. Scott Feinstadt, the same name of her high school sweetheart who was killed in a car crash, and calls the student to arrange an interview. His appearance, mannerisms, and painting style closely resemble those of her former love, and she begins to suspect the young artist may be the reincarnation of her old flame. Hours after meeting, the two embark upon an affair. Also complicating Louise's life are her relationship with her ex-husband Peter , who confesses he is learning to cope with a sex addiction that, unknown to her, plagued their marriage; her ne'er-do-well brother Sammy, who is favored by their mother Ellie despite his shortcomings; and her best friend Missy, who stole the original Scott from Louise before his death and seems intent on doing the same with the contemporary version.

An unfulfilled divorced woman gets the chance to relive her past when she meets a young man who appears to be her high school sweetheart who died many years before. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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David B (jp) wrote: dark gritty and set in tuscany ah i mean texas with lots of nudity and matthew mc conaughey theres only a handful of characters in this infact i think i read somewhere its adapted from a play all the characters are pretty awful poeple in one way of another except dottie played by juno temple who does full frontal nudity she looks about 15 in this but is actually early 20s when this was made .matthew mcConaughey buttox .hum its defo worth a watch alright.

Ross E (mx) wrote: the Colonel Kurtz parallel was a nice touch, even had his own sidekick disciple taking the journey with him into insanity, this time downriver

Bridgette F (es) wrote: its a movie that wil leave you appreciating and wanting to make it work with your significant other.i was so touched and i cried .so tryand see this one.a true heart felt movie.

Scott P (de) wrote: Michael Keaton turns in another convincing performance to save this movie from being literally unwatchable. Although very clich and at times awkward, if one leaves their biases in the toilet where they belong, this is a decent flick.

Alan L (kr) wrote: Action is extended,there will be long mission at the end and it will remind you of John Woo's Hard Boiled but please,no comparison(Whenever talks about guns,fans will never forget to mention John Woo and then keep comparing).Same story but different objective.I dont know which one is the best,I think this sequel has it own moment too and both are unique.However,I can tell which one is the worst among the three missions,the third one is the worst.

Tyler J (ru) wrote: Sometimes it's a guilty pleasure to watch thugs gets justice in the hands of an unlikely hero.

Ed Fucking H (jp) wrote: A pretty amusing 80's teen comedy. While it is amusing it isn't actually really very funny, with a few exceptions. Scartman Cruthers is in this as well, probably most famous for his role in The Shining. Barney is a science wiz. While working on an experiment he accidently causes an explosion which knocks him out. When he wakes up he has gained telekinetic powers, ie the ability to move things with his mind. Barney quickly uses his powers for what any other healthy teenager would. To give him an edge in gambling pursuits and to expose ladies boobies. Pretty generic of this era of comedy, actually a disappointment as far as laughs go. I didn't really find myself laughing at much here, though I did find the overall film entertaining and amusing enough. Worth a watch for fans of 80's teen comedies i guess, but far from essential.

Sean V (us) wrote: I have caught this movie twice in the past month on TV now. Though not one of the Duke's top performances (see his collaborations with director John Ford), this is in no way a forgettable film with mundane acting. It of course has the trademark vistas of the Western genre and the easily distinguishable good and bad guys, but the climatic scene is simply awesome (let's just say that some animals were likely harmed during the making of this film). Plus this film has one of my favorite lines of dialogue from the Duke's many performances:Murphy: "Mr. Chisum, that sounds like a threat."Chisum: (Knocks him down with one punch to the face) "Wrong word. FACT!"

Amani B (es) wrote: Waaaaaaaay ahead of its time. A holy grail of sorts for any filmmaker or fan of cinema.