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Zoe L (fr) wrote: Simple story with gorgeous people and wonderful shooting locations.

Alyshia M (us) wrote: This movie trilogy are my all time favorite movies. I was so proud of my little nugget (Troye) for doing such a good job. Loved the movie.

Eric H (ru) wrote: Like most boxing movies they all seem to have the same theme, Boxer grows up in a bad part of town, has a bad time of growing up, caught up in violence and poverty and wants to become the hero. This was no different but I really enjoyed the acting. Ive always liked Michelle Rodriguez, but even though this is one of her first movies, I think its one of the only ones Ive seen that really lets her act and be herself. I wished she would make more movies like that.

Rikke P (mx) wrote: Terribly underrated movie, and it is so F'ing brilliant!

Deray A (ag) wrote: claude sautet tarafndan 1992 ylnda evrilen ve ba?rollerinde daniel auteuil ve emmanuelle bart'n oynad? fransz romantizminin tavana vurdu?u, ravel tutkunu bir kemanc ile bir arkada?nn kars arasndaki a?kn konu edildi?i film.

Josh D (br) wrote: Gong Li. Does anything else need to be said?

Frank T (it) wrote: b-movie. hot girl though

sin t (gb) wrote: just one in a series of documentaries about english kids/adults who tell about their lives every 7 years. a somewhat sad, but true, tale of what life does to people over the years.

Angie M (de) wrote: Caligula was great but i would say this is tinto brasses master piece

Alice S (de) wrote: 0 stars. I'm not even sure what I watched. Comedic bounty hunter stories always require too much suspension of disbelief for me. Apparently, the Stephanie Plum series is a fun collection of books, and the movie stays pretty faithful. Despite having not read the books, I have to wonder whether brunette Katherine Heigl was the best choice for the sassy Jersey girl. I love her in 27 Dresses, but the darker hair color seems to sap her natural exuberance. Her Jersey accent is also godawful. Not even sterling-coiffed Debbie Reynolds could save this movie from vapidity.

Maria B (nl) wrote: saw it on TV and want to watch it again

Mat K (nl) wrote: A weird, weird movie about Santa Claus and a demon. Despite all it's flaws, this movie could have been saved by adding one thing. A plot.

Joanof A (kr) wrote: travis ( robert de niro) is a taxi driver at night.... long and so boring to watch at first but it make sense at all. its worth the wait.. i just saw this last year. better late than never. this is a classic masterpiece you should watch..Taxi Driver is one of the best films ever made.. i watched it twice never get tired of it..

Patrick M (gb) wrote: You can never go wrong with Sylvester Stallone. The man is one of the most successful men in the history of entertainment and for good reason. He puts out things people want to see. So what if it isn't as artsy fartsy as Titanic or some lame Tom Cruise movie, it's entertaining. Stallone excels at entertaining audiences with his acting, screenplays, and directing and has been doing it for nearly 40 years. This is an intense disaster flick that doesn't pull any punches. Daylight, for me, is a fantastically entertaining movie. A great cast, good special effects, and a story that keeps you guessing. Stallone nails it again!