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FilmGrinder S (it) wrote: Some decent gore scenes for a nil budget flick. Nothing an average horror fan hasn't seen.

Don S (ca) wrote: Standard revenge plot merged with some poor acting, a fast pace, and some decent choreography meld into an unlikely and not very enjoyable martial arts movie. The fact that a person can't feel pain (or anything) doesn't negate the fact a a body can only take so much damage before the body shuts down. The dialogue and acting almost drag this into the unwatchable category.

Mendel W (fr) wrote: If you love mangas, then this is one to watch. Although at times violent, it encompasses all the usually expected elements from a Japanese story: the underlying samurai-loyalty, the comedic antics, and the exaggerared action sequences. What was most impressive is the fact they were able to capture the unreal aspects of a manga in a live action dramatisation without it seeming cheesy. Thumbs up on this one

Travis J (jp) wrote: I saw this movie in theater with savannah. Good memories.

Alex r (ag) wrote: Gridiron Gang was a pleasant surprise. I did not expect to enjoy it, and at times it6 did have some so-so moments, but when you see it, you can see that the film has a driving message of hope, which is the key to the film's success. Far from great, but quite entertaining, the film is an impressive feat for The Rock who is able to deliver a good dramatic performance here. Sports film, especially football films are a bit overdone, and we all know how they'll turn out in the end. However, this is an interesting angle on the genre, and it works. Some viewers will surely enjoy it for The Rock range, and he lights up the screen. The film at times could have been a bit better and there are a few scenes that should have been reworked in order to make the film stands. Luckily there are plenty of much better scenes that give this film its power, and it is a thoroughly engaging experience for those that enjoy this genre. Although never too original, this is an interesting twist on a football film, and like I said it's got a good message, which plenty of viewers can get behind and appreciate. A fine mix of performances and a good screenplay rounds out the film to make this a film not to miss, and even for people that are skeptical about such films; Gridiron Gang has something for everyone and it is a well acted, directed film that is far better than many other films in the genre,

David L (fr) wrote: Well well well, an American comedy which was unusually appealing to me. As daft as it was, there's something about Jim Carrey that is so ridiculously stupid, that you just end up hooked to his performances. Whether it be Me, Myself and Irene, Ace Venture, or Dumb and Dumber, his roles are vastly alike, but why change a winning formula? Sometimes there's a large immature child bursting to get out of everyone and this helps release that inner demon. Sentenced to telling the whole truth and nothing but the truth for a day, Carrey's character struggles to perform his job in court given he constantly relies upon his lies to get the suspects off. With a promotion at stake, he battles against all odds to defend his blatantly guilty client, not realising his only son and ex wife are rapidly drifting further and further away, culminating in their planned move to another state. Despite the hidden depths to the importance of these family ties, the humour is present throughout and provides a constant stream of credible family entertainment. It does make JC look very one dimensional in his acting style, but that's only a problem if you don't appreciate the humour. I've always been a sucker for this since a young age, as it retains the big kid in me by watching this genre of movie. Nothing really to dislike about this, unless you're a toffee nosed pompous do-gooder that can't appreciate anything outside of period dramas.

Travis C (mx) wrote: One of my all time favorite romantic dramas. Guys, if you wish to recieve brownie points from your woman on movies.. this is one to watch with her.

Sewer side all 10 dense Es (ag) wrote: A great hood classic. Perfect for those who are so quick to judge people who get into gangs, and crime at a young age coming from the hood. Put yourself in that mans shoes then try to pass judgement. Givin the opportunity people can change. Sadly too many people end up in too deep before the chance ever comes. For anyone who don't know how to fill a fathers role, this movie will give you the basic idea of what a man will do for his child.

Felipe C (nl) wrote: Oh what a wonderful film. The film is perfect all around and deserved the plethora of praises it received. Factoring out my personal experiences and my enamorations for the game, the film captures the game perfectly even though it was through the eyes of the minor leagues and a passionate fan. In addition, the relationships intertwined fits perfectly as characters grow and flourish (amazing performances by Costner, Sarandon and Robbins)... wow.

JeanPaul S (jp) wrote: It felt like a classic oft told folkloric ghost story, although I believe, to its credit, it actually isn't (though based on folklore elements).

Chris D (ru) wrote: It has its moments but a little too jewy for my taste.

Olli H (ca) wrote: Hauntingly great vampire-drama movie, that is fueled by the insanely good performances by it's young lead actors Kodi Smit-McPhee and Chloe Grace Moretz.

Henry M (jp) wrote: 90-luvun leffatrilleri, joka jaa keskinkertaiseksi kokemukseksi. Aika on purrut patkaan selvasti. Gangsta meininkia ja ammuskelua on luvassa, kun leffassa nayttelee kaks rap-artistia! Voitanee suositella vain rap-addikteille ja tosi ysarifaneille...

Dayna W (fr) wrote: Fascinating premise and beautifully shot. Not perfect, but a great debut.