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Pacco, doppio pacco e contropaccotto


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Corbett L (de) wrote: Awesome. Great advice for entrepreneurs everywhere.

Alexander P (es) wrote: Not as good as the first but still watchable. Still a good film for the family to watch.

Samantha C (gb) wrote: This movie is really funny

Simon F (fr) wrote: Worst movie ever? Yes.

George E (jp) wrote: A decent thriller that is ruined by its anticlimactic ending.

Tony M (ag) wrote: Watch this then wait a week or two and watch Sean Penn's Milk.

Mark D (es) wrote: Marketed as an Exorcist rip off which is a mistake seeing as its nothing of the sort. Interesting flick with decent performances, particuarly from the girl who plays Ivy. However, by the end you realise its nowt special but still worth a watch.

Ian C (es) wrote: After Pam Grier, Fred Williamson is my favourite actor from the Blaxploitation era. Art Lund is a right nasty **** as the bent copper McKinney. Throughout the flick there is great evidence of 'Larry Cohen's maverick film making as Joe Public look confused as he shoots without a permit. An enjoyable flick and the James Brown soundtrack is unbelievable.

Private U (fr) wrote: Five years before "I Love Lucy" debuted on TV, a drop-dead-gorgeous Lucille Ball showed glimpses of her future character in this middlin' screwball comedy. She definitely steals this show.

Raji K (ru) wrote: Beneath the Planet of the Apes picks right up where the first film picks up. The movie trades some of its intellectual aspects and provocative elements from the first movie for action, and scientific mystery. The movie is quite unpredictable and quite dark. The different areas that are explored by the new astronaut was entertaining as well. I found the movie to be quite a bold and interesting conclusion that I can see most fans being disappointed.

Alexander C (ca) wrote: Would like to see at some stage.

Jackson S (br) wrote: This movie is bad. It's really bad. But it's so bad it's good. I found enjoyment out of this movie because it made me laugh at how stupid it was. So if you're looking for something really stupid to watch, watch this.

Michael M (es) wrote: I was trying to think back if there was a better SNL-inspired movie than this one and I couldn't come up with any. There are so many good jokes and a great cast of supporting characters. This was also the pinnacle of Dana Carvey's career but they're both so perfect as these characters. Hasn't aged a day in my opinion.

Anna Q (fr) wrote: I. Don't want. Your life. Fun times. Paul Walker!