Jota is out every morning in search of love. Love is called Paco. Paco is the spirit of love and a spirit gets into the bodies of the cutest guys who walk around the mall. Jota is the only person who can see that spirit within those bodies he calls Paco.

The story of Francisco, a young psychics teacher who starts consuming drugs, his mother, a well known congresswoman and Nina, the woman who will try to save him from a horrible future. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Joen O (au) wrote: That part she scrubbed the boy's back like a piece of tile, that was disturbing.

Ben C (mx) wrote: I remember watching this movie in my Japanese class. It remains an unusual plot: 5 teenage boys trying to become synchronized swimmers to increase interest in swimming and is eventually trained by a quirky, Miyagi-ish trainer. In saying this, they've actually managed to pull such an inane concept work, and is a comedy that - strangely enough - must be seen to be believed.

James S (ca) wrote: John Carpenter has the right idea of what a vampire should be like. Los Muertos uses Carpenter's idea. That is about the only good thing to say about the movie. It was poorly cast. It was poorly written. It was poorly directed. It was poor. Period. Despite the fact that the credits state that "John Carpenter presents:", the only association he had was associate producer. He did not write the story, write the music, or direct as he has in the past. The movie makes the attempt to be Carpentonian, but fails. Not even a bad movie.

Ken S (es) wrote: Sam Raimi wanted to make "Batman", they didn't give him the job. He then lobbied to make "The Shadow", but again he lost out. So he decided to give up and create his own superhero. The result is very original and well made "Darkman". Sure it can be strange and cheesy, but it is definitely a fun and violent action adventure movie. Neeson is terrific. Part of me wishes that he had gotten the job to make "The Shadow", because he really could've made that film better (though I am glad "Batman" went to Tim Burton). Still "Darkman" is a lovely alternative to that, and I enjoy it a lot.

Joey T (mx) wrote: This one is a little slow but I enjoyed re-watching it, and it's about as good as I remember it being.

Neilie J (ag) wrote: Wow, I remember loving this movie when it came out in '81. Watching it again, it made no sense. That's the last time I take movie recommendations from my eleven-year-old self.

Patryk C (gb) wrote: Directed by the acclaimed director John Sturges and written by Milliard Kaufman, Bad Day at Black Rock is a film typically attached to the thriller genre. However, due to its specific setting and omnipresent distinct ambiance it is also considered to have elements of both western and a noir movie. Bad Day at Black Rock stands out as a perfect example of a picture that respects the classical rules of three unities, derived from a passage in Aristotle's Poetics: space (the city of Black Rock), time (one day), action (what happened in Black Rock a few years back that its citizens are so concerned about). What's so special about this movie is its irrefutable ability to adjust to that stiff rules and, at the same time, present a story so captivating and irresistible in its elegance, minimalism and straightforwardness. The more one watches it the more thrilling and spellbinding it becomes, with its mysteriously dark form and constantly increasing tension. John Sturges built up the suspenseful process of gradual exposure by putting an emphasis on the methodical pacing of all his characters, thus revealing the mystery behind the whole precarious cover-up. Without spoiling anything, it is crucial to mention that the film raises the issue of racial discrimination during the post-war period. All in all, if you are looking for an action movie, filled with clever and engaging dialogues, well- written story and a subtle noir feel attached to it, don't look any further and watch Bad Day at Black Rock.