Bhola (Sunil Dutt) falls in love with his new neighbor Bindu (Saira Banu) and tries to woo her with his singing abilities. Only problem is Bhola is an awful singer and so he takes help from his actor friends and creates an elaborate ruse to woo Bindu. Padosan is an iconic movie of Hindi Cinema and a must-watch.

A simple man from a village falls in love with his new neighbor. He enlists the help of his musical-theater friends to woo the lovely girl-next-door away from her music teacher. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Marvin B (de) wrote: The storyline is incongruous while the subtitle is inaccurate. Nevertheless, it has exceptional camera works.

Walter M (au) wrote: With the civil war raging across Chad, Adam(Youssouf Djaoro) and David(Marius Yelolo) have more immediate concerns like possibly losing their jobs at a hotel resort in the upcoming privatization but reassure themselves that they are safe due to their thirty years' service. However, their confidence proves ill-founded when David is fired and Adam is reassigned away from his precious pool and to work as gatekeeper, with his son Abdel(Diouc Koma) becoming the sole pool attendant. As you can imagine, this makes for some awkward family dinners. To make matters worse, Ahmet(Emile Abossolo M'bo), the local chief, informs Adam that he has three days to pay his share of the army tax. "A Screaming Man" is a prime example of economic and sparse filmmaking in the neo-realist tradition. While it might seem more than a little strange to outsiders the importance Adam places on his pool job, it is probably best to remember the high value of water in such an arid country as Chad. It is maybe instead the tourists who should be chided for their partying in a time of war but then they are probably just believing the government propaganda. On another level, this allegorical movie could also said to be about how scary change can be, as we get a couple of reminders that Adam is not quite the person he used to be. Of course, who knows what the future will bring any of us?

Daniel P (gb) wrote: About what you would expect from a movie with the title Dinoshark. Roger Corman is back at it with this, err movie? Made for TV cheese ball movies aren't the best but how can you deny something so awful it's nearly good

Sol C (gb) wrote: This film took my by surprise. It is very good. It reminded me a lot of movies like Crash and Magnolia. One thing that I liked about it, was that this film didn't have big stars in the film. I liked the casting in this film. Everyone shines, especially Elizabeth Mitchell. I definitely recommend this film.

Alan L (ag) wrote: This film has some weird editing but the action and plot are very well made.The soundtrack is dark and great..This was the first time that Xie Miao plays Jet Li's son..while the second time was "My Father is a Hero"..they are the best Father and Son ever..This is one of the best Director Wong Jing's,Jet Li's and Action Director Corey Yuen's movies!!

BLESSED9296 (es) wrote: ive been their and the transformation on that school and inside is remarkable.I love it 100 %

Matthew D (fr) wrote: Some neat interior sets. Some terrible interior sets. Terrible script, but pretty catchy songs. Horrible acting all around.

Gleb I (au) wrote: One of the lesser Eastwood westerns. Drawn out, poor score, poor writing; the only thing that makes this watchable is the acting - this is Clint in his prime. Impossible to enjoy after seeing him in Sergio Leone's films.

Grant J (au) wrote: Great action/sci-fi starring Carl Weathers and Arnie.