Rock and roll band purchases piece of music to record that were used in satanic rituals. Band decides to record and tape video of song in mansion where rituals took place. As one may guess, the spirits are summoned to commit mayhem and murder.

Klaus Kinski believed that he lived through the same experiences as the legendary "devil violinist" Niccolò Paganini, who set all of nineteenth-century Europe into a frenzy and through ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Nate J (us) wrote: Firstly, I enjoyed the body degeneration stuff, thought it was thoroughly gross and well done. What doesn't resonate with me is the piss poor screenplay and the lack of an ending. No official diagnosis as to what causes her to "rot" and as the credits start rolling, you can't help but feel you missed something. Shame, as the effects were well done and not overly graphic for the sake of it.

Timothy G (ca) wrote: The best teen drama since The Breakfast Club!

Esha K (jp) wrote: Just watched it after 8 years... Still funny :D

Chosen 7 (au) wrote: Interesting film with some good performances by Mos Def, Scott Glenn, and Brendan Fraser.

Keith S (fr) wrote: Part One of my Razzie Cinema Double Feature. Only reason it's gets 1/2 star is b/c I laughed out loud once when Jenny McCarthy's in the bathtub talking to her mom on the phone and then farts on the phone... then her mom farts too (yeah, I'm in Kindergarten). As a screenwriter Jenny McCarthy did a great job of making all women look skanky, needy and disgusting. And then she did a great job of making all men look skanky, needy and disgusting. Morale of the story: Jenny McCarthy hates everyone... except the Honey Badger. Honey Badger don't give a shit.

Niki B (ru) wrote: I LOVED IT IT ISAWSOME!

Leo V (ru) wrote: Good action anime, unlike alot of people belive its not a sequel to Ninja Scroll. The movie rocks, its about the cristian movement in Japan. To bad the series is not complete and the story ends when its at its climax.

Dan M (gb) wrote: I like this one even more than the first. I still laugh so hard at this!

Dustin R (mx) wrote: its my favorvite movie

Bleak M (es) wrote: Oddly lifeless Sinatra vehicle.

Peter T (mx) wrote: Bad, but not in that good Ed Wood-style bad. Just bad.

Michael H (ca) wrote: It's definitely not PC; it's not all that good either. However, it's Bogart, Astor & Greenstreet together, so it's not all that bad. Still, what does it say about US culture in 1942 that Keye Luke's Japanese-American character is thoroughly Americanized and likeable but turns out to be an unrepentant villain?

Danny M (au) wrote: Good comedy! I enjoyed it and there are some laugh out loud moments

Natanael S (ca) wrote: Paul Thomas Anderson's Magnolia has an excellent direction work, wonderful stories and unforgettable dialogues. A movie to be seen several times.