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'Page 3' takes a behind-the-scenes look at the lifestyles of the A-list celebrities in metro cities. It explores the networking and the power play between the air-kissing

'Page 3' takes a behind-the-scenes look at A-list celebrity lifestyles through the eyes of a female entertainment journalist. It explores the power-play between the rich and famous and the ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Page 3 torrent reviews

Marrick A (au) wrote: Campy. Cheesy. Gory. Awesome.

Scott C (au) wrote: Emotionally draining, but extremely powerful dramatisation of the Rape of Nanking.

Micole A (fr) wrote: I thought this was HILARIOUS !!! Jenny & Carmen , couldn't ask for anyone else .... The perfect break-up movie too... Lol ! Throughout ....You Must see this :)

James H (us) wrote: What an exceptional film. The acting is amazing, especially Michael Rispoli. He is poignant and gives such depth to his performance. kelly Mac Donald and Katherine Narducci also give exceptional performances. Great period flavor, magnificent writing. A real winner.

Yasumine M (nl) wrote: Have a lot of fond memories with this movie. Back when Disney channel didn't suck and their tv movies were a lot of fun.

Crystal L (es) wrote: Tom Selleck does western well.

Scott S (br) wrote: Xtro (1983) -- [4.0] -- As far as I could tell, "Xtro" is about a father who is abducted by aliens, then returned to his family as a strange alien-human hybrid. But I'm not sure. First, there's a weird crabby-looking monster in the woods, then it rapes a woman, then the woman gives birth to a fully-grown man (the single reason to see this movie), the man begins to spore and kill people, but then it appears that he just loves his son and wants to take him back into space with him? "Xtro" is a hot mess. But at least there are a lot of imaginative ideas swirling around in it. The director didn't do the film any favors by scoring it himself.

Brian R (mx) wrote: Pirates of Carribean stole heavily from this movie. Swashbuckling humor.

Richard M (ca) wrote: I just like this type of movie. Gritty, gruesome and funny in equal measure. Lots of quality actors involved and performing at their best

Lee B (au) wrote: Memorable for the fact that, while Dick van Dyke is the hands-down winner for worst movie accent in Mary Poppins, Jeremy Irons gives him a run for his money. The portrayal of a crude, oversexed, amoral wealthy 'Chilean' landowner loses so much because of the marbles in his mouth.

Donna B (br) wrote: Was a very slow movie. Hated the fact that you do not find out how the audition goes or what was written on the back of the card!?? Painfully watched the entire movie to see what happens & I got dropped flat! Chris Evans you disappoint me & I am normally a fan of yours. ???

Miguel A (it) wrote: De todos os filmes de Jarmusch, "Dead Man" ser porventura aquele nos marca mais profundamente, com a sua mistura de alegoria, revisitao western e a capacidade da guitarra de Neil Young em contar histrias, mas o realizador revivalista no resiste a incluir sequncias e presenas cool (Iggy Pop vestido de dama) que no s assentariam melhor em anncios a calas de ganga, como so perfeitamente acessrias nesta histria do homem em fuga.

Oscar G (ru) wrote: I really liked the action. It's a great movie to be from the latest 90's.

Adam P (kr) wrote: Aussie Hitchcock peppered with terrific road movie action, a few exploitation outbursts, and nail-bitingly executed set pieces. Stacy Keach plays like Jimmy Stewart in Duel. Excellent.