The movie begins with Paglu (Dev), a college student, meeting Rimi (Koel)– a girl who comes down from the U.S. to take admission in 'Princeton' College. She becomes a matter of contention between Dev and his rival in college, Ronnie whom Dev defeats in a challenge and wins over Rimi. Rimi’s father, no less than a Senator in the U.S (Rajatava Dutta) lands up in town and takes her back to the U.S on the pretext of celebrating her birthday. He separates the couple, but they vow to get back to each other. Dev’s visa is rejected so he organizes a public rally and pleads his love for Rimi which helps him get his visa! Once he lands up there, he starts a game with Rimi’s father which sees Dev laying down a challenge to him and also sees him getting bashed up by his goons. He returns and takes Rimi away with him, but later Rimi goes back to her house before the deadline ends though they could have escaped as Dev wanted to prove a point. Dev goes back to India and Rimi joins him later.

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Paglu torrent reviews

John W (nl) wrote: Another variation of the tooth fairy story, this one has a great atmosphere, but squanders it with plot holes and lack of cohesion. A bit darker than the usual Hollywood stuff, it still fails to keep you engaged and the 84 minute run time feels MUCH longer. I wanted it to be better than it was.

Suresh B (ru) wrote: Low budget movie that tries to capitalize on emotions while showing conflicted messages on morality and good conduct. This movie would be considered 'weird' by a western moviegoer because of the nonchalant way things are shown done by Indians at every level of Indian bureaucracy. Overall a substandard movie.

Mike W (es) wrote: Ok Disney Channel movie!

Francesco M (br) wrote: Loved it! G. Rush is amazing, what an actor.

Hiram R (au) wrote: One of the best zombie comedies I have watched.

holly r (ru) wrote: Prisoners of war captured by Japanese building the "railway of death".

Matt W (jp) wrote: Asia's tits are fantastic and steal the show. As a directorial debut it's fascinating, but as a film without any links to her dad it's nothing special. I think she has a future behind the camera, but she'd be wasted that side of it as she's still a very dynamic presence on screen. I'd rather she was doing the likes of this than XXX! Keep away from Hollywood, Asia! Please!

Paul S (mx) wrote: Bad reviews, can go do one. I love this film, it had true emotional scope that a lot of people simply aren't capable of understanding. A wonderful tale that was a joy to watch.

Paul B (fr) wrote: Flirting with Disaster is somewhat too breezy for its own good, but a great script loaded with dark humor render it thoroughly enjoyable.

Ted W (nl) wrote: I love old movies especially during the 80s. Great movie!! Chevy chase never gets old. Crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Joel K (mx) wrote: Since I was a kid, top 3 movies ever.

jay m (fr) wrote: this was almost as good as riding gaints. but is always worth the veiwing.

Blake B (au) wrote: Great performances by Robert De Niro and Leonardo Dicaprio