Widowed Mrs. Lal lives with her two sons, Ram and Ratan; an unmarried daughter, Sheela; Ram's wife, Parvati and her children. While Ram is employed in a mill, Ratan is studying engineering in Calcutta. When Ratan returns, he is offered a job at the same mill, falls in love with a Typist named Manju, much to chagrin of Malti, the daughter of the mill-owner, Sewakram. When Ratan finds out that Sewakram has been defrauding the employees, he decides to form a union, a move that is opposed by Ram, who is very devoted and loyal to Sewakram.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:127 minutes
  • Release:1959
  • Language:Hindi
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:murder,   robbery,   killing,  

Widowed Mrs. Lal lives with her two sons, Ram and Ratan; an unmarried daughter, Sheela; Ram's wife, Parvati and her children. While Ram is employed in a mill, Ratan is studying engineering ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Marc G (it) wrote: heartwarming story. superb acting. the kind of movie that will surprise any movie lover. gonna see it again!

Amelia T (ag) wrote: a poignant & timely reminder for me to embrace life, rather than to run away. resonated with me deeply, a work of art.

Will N (au) wrote: The premise is hilarious, but the movie doesn't deliver on it at all.

John B (jp) wrote: Very good adaptation. Emma Thompson is excellent as always although playing a character too old for her. Liking Matthew Goode more with each movie!

Lineke J (fr) wrote: you just have to see this !!!

Tero H (ru) wrote: The story wasn't bad by itself, but it had some really odd scenes and fights that seemed at least to me impossible. I didn't get any of the hocus pocus. One major minus in my opinion was the use of guns to kill so many people (yep, they were bad guys, but they were still people). I haven't thought of myself as such a pacifist unti after seeing some films by Steven Seagal. Ok, I know, its self defense and all, but I just don't like watching people getting shot, blood and guts and all that. The martial arts was better in this film, although too incredible for my taste. I got this on DVD, like all my seagal movies, but I don't recall the disc having any extras. The film had much too few Aikido-moves for my taste, except one whoppy shiho-nage, which was funny to see because Seagal was using his huge height advantage - the guy practically flew over Seagal when he did that. Most of the moves seemed to me like they were out of some "matrix" films or traditional chinese kung-fu flics where people can actually fly. It looked to me more kung-fu and firearms movie than anything else. I get the idea that a martial arts master can accomplish seemingly impossible feats, but swinging a katana to split arrows in half mid-air was just too much for me. I wonder what kind of power would be required to fling an attacker backwards 20 feet through air using only two fists. Man, does he look mean.. Looking mean is Seagal's trademark. Its not a terrible movie, but I have seen better Seagal films.

Jesus H (es) wrote: una historia que nunca olvidaras,excelente historia

Jason K (au) wrote: slow build. slow build. slow build. credits. WTF? And whats with all the shots of people standing and waiting to get shot before getting shot? Beat movies normally aren't really my thing, but this one just feels phoned in to me/40 some mins playing on a beach?? really??

Marcus W (ag) wrote: It's slow, but the ending is a killer.

Michael M (ru) wrote: The first Hitchcock movie to receive an "R" rating. I love Hitchcock so many others. My Top 5: 1. NORTH BY NORTHWEST 2. REAR WINDOW 3. DIAL "M" FOR MURDER 4. ROPE ...and 5. FRENZY. I enjoy FRENZY for several reasons, these are: Hitchcock shows daily life in the '70's taking place. The "daily life" aspect is one of my favorite features in many of Hitchcock's films. I was born in the '70's so it's interesting to me to see how people dressed and acted then, as well as, how people went about their day in the '70's. Through Hitchcock's films, one can look back and see everyday life occuring e.g. NORTH BY NORTHWEST, THE BIRDS.Another reason is how dark this movie is compared to Hitchcock's other films. The restrictions on what could be shown in movies was starting to ease, so you get see Hitchcock show scenes/actions he previously was unable to film. In the movie, Hitchcock shows nudity, he shows rape, he shows violence ...these are elements that were previously only suggested and/or implied. But just like the implications worked in Hitchcock's earlier films, the "in your face" style works too because Hitchcock was an amazing director.Still another reason, is Barry Foster (Robert Rusk a.k.a. Uncle Bob) is fantastic at playing a truly creepy guy. He's the dapper British gent with a scary twisted freaky side to him that's just makes you want to cringe. Jon Finch is also excellent as playing one of Hitchcock's favorite roles i.e. "the mistaken identity guy". It has become one of my favorite Hitchcock films, and one of my favorite suspenseful films. It's one of those films I can watch over and over. Plus, I'm happy we have a film by Hitchcock where he wasn't so resticted in what he could and couldn't show as in previous years. I gave it 4 stars and not 5 stars because I reserve that for the true masterpieces such as NORTH BY NORTHWEST and REAR WINDOW.

Another V (de) wrote: Sometimes, one good man in this world can make a huge difference to the lives of many. Why do humans periodically go on insane genocidal killing sprees? Why do so many people turn their backs when it happens? This movie is at times a tearjerker. If you watched Schindler's List and felt it was important, that it told a tale of many who are no longer around to tell their story, this is the same sort of thing, about what happened in Rwanda not that long ago. To see the difference that one person can make, when willing to take a stand and do SOMETHING, is inspiring. Prepare to be inspired.

Rebecca C (es) wrote: I'm not sure what it is about this movie but it's one of the ones we pick quite frequently when my husband and I can't decide what to watch

Kurt H (fr) wrote: Funny, even in 2015.