Painted Skin: The Resurrection

Painted Skin: The Resurrection

According to demon lore, it takes hundreds of years to attain human form. Even then, lacking a human heart, a demon cannot experience the true pains and passions of existence. However, there is a legend that if a pure human heart is freely offered to a demon, it can become a mortal and experience true life. Sequel of Painted Skin (2008).

An ancient fox spirit embarks on a diabolical quest to become human after escaping an icy prison, and becomes bound to a disfigured princess who seeks the love of a noble guard as her ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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(jp) wrote: The name of "mother" is always great. Someday if I become a mother, I will definitely understand how she felt. The love story disturbs that greatness. Friendship may be relevant for the mood of this movie.

Ghislaine C (gb) wrote: seriously super funny! If you don't find it funny then I really don't care to know you.

Dannielle A (au) wrote: Pleasant surprises around every corner.

K R (ag) wrote: I think only a writer/artist can really appreciate the deeper meaning in this film.

Stephen W (ag) wrote: the story is paper-thin, especially since we see the 'wedding' before knowing anything about the characters. This could be intriguing if well done - but simply makes no sense until later. The film as a whole is saved by several things - the performance of gerard depardieu who manages to put depth into a shallow role, the comic vignettes by various character actors playing the concierge and the committee in charge of the apartment building - and bebe neuwirth as andi mcdowell's friend who just lights up the screen with her sparky presence in the few scenes she's in. If she'd been in it any more she's have stolen the film from andi mcdowell who is gently appealing but rather lacklustre

Joel H (br) wrote: Twilight Zone: The Movie doesn't really feel like a movie. It feels like you're binge-watching a handful of mediocre Twilight Zone episodes. The storytelling is uneven and the transition between segments is abrupt. Frankly, it's not as frightening or suspenseful as the original series. The real horror comes from the tragic story that occurred during the making of this film.

Matt C (fr) wrote: A silly but fun fantasy adventure.

Kristy P (ag) wrote: Wasn't fond of it. I had issues with their relationship. A) what did he expect, for her to sit around waiting for him while he went and figured himself out?? He acted all hurt because she was with the new guy, but HELLO, he hadn't been to see her in all that 6 month time. B) When they finally did kiss again, I had an issue with him: "I want you" does NOT mean "I still love you," no matter what anyone tries to say about it. I know he DID still love her, but he should have said so.

Millo T (fr) wrote: The character Dersu Uzala is very nice. A pretty message about friendship and nature. I liked specially one shot with a brilliant sun in a black sky. However, it did not convince me very much (too much slow pace for me; main character and intentions is bigger than movie itself). Between 2 and 2.5.

Thomas N (fr) wrote: Historisk drama med Richard Harris som Oliver Cromwell, der i 16 hundrede tallets England spiller et forraederisk og blodigt politisk spil mod Kongen paa vegne af folket, som bringer landet ud i borgerkrig. Emnet er set med vore dagens demokratiske oejne stadig sine steder aktuelt og interessant og som film er det godt fortalt, fint lavet og trovaerdigt spillet. Filmen kan dog ikke undsige sig at vaere en anelse forsimplet og uden dybere psykologiske lag og det traekker lidt ned.

Brad S (kr) wrote: This is a classic horror film from Mario Bava that was an inspiration for both Coppola and Scorsese. What it lacks in story, it more than makes up for in visuals and atmosphere. This movie is a must for horror fans!

Rodney E (de) wrote: It was cool to see Chicago in the late 40's. Stewart and Lee J Cobb hold this noiry tale together. The woman playing the mother of the jailed man was impressive as well.

David J (it) wrote: There's some visual gusto, but it won't save "Catwoman" from being a misguided bore.

Kieran F (br) wrote: Obviously at the time this film was made Hollywood was in a decline. Film goer's where fewer and fewer and this also meant that the studios didn't put as...much..effort in to their films as they use to simply cause well they knew the film goer's were not interested in the films(Why put a lot of effort into a film if no one will see it?) This film is no exception. It looks cheap,the effects are cheesy and it's got a short some what..cliche story.'s not a surprise that it would get bad reviews.Personally speaking I think the film is okay. it has some decent actors and interesting performances and the music isn't too bad. but it's also it's downfall the music,although it's a musical, is almost too much and get's slightly boring after a while. But the actors are decent and so it does help. As I said at the time this film was made Hollywood was in a weird time around this time,late 60's early 70's, alot of the famous directors from that time where leaving the directors chairs,either due to retirement death or what not, and so alot of the people in hollywood where looking to get OUT of movie making and not get into it. At the same time you had a lot of film studio's being sold to larger conglomerates. and thusly ALOT of people thought this was the end of film making as we knew it. it was as if the film goers changed their opinions on films like a person changes their clothes. For example this film was directed by the same director who just the year before released a film that was great box office success and so they assumed this film would work out like that since it had the same director and crew etc. yet it bombed. It was unbelievable to see how quickly public tastes changed, and interestingly enough 2 years latter the movie industry had it's lowest performance at theaters ever for film goers and films, It was almost as if the film fans where...almost..ADDed or something. You know they had a very short attention span or something. I wouldn't be surprised if in years latter we look back at this time of film making and going to the movies as we look at Vaudeville. A very peculiar time for film making. Now that all aside it's no surprise that this film didn't do great. I guess if you look at it now it's not BAD but it's definitely not great. to be quiet honest. I thought the film was okay. but the story is a little cheesy. Come on the story is about a guy who can talk to animals..okay. THat I don't care about really but...what got me was how the film as it went on started adding all sorts of..weird ideas. Such as Dr.D being charged with murder because he dressed a seal up as a woman and threw it into the sea they didn't know exactly where they were going so instead stuck a pin into an atlas. But It didn't ruin the film for me. It was nice to see a lot of good actors,from Dr.Doolittle all the way down to Geoffry Holder,who would become a house hold name 6 years latter thanks to his appearance in Live and Let die as Baron Samidi. But it was weird when the film didn't exactly flow great.All in All the film isn't GREAT but it's not bad either. The story is ridiculious but the acting and actor's are decent and the music,surprisingly, is quite interesting doesn't save this film

Crys L (fr) wrote: Turned out to be a very funny movie.

Cat B (kr) wrote: Another Stephen King adaptation that makes a pretty good film. It's not a film for everyone though. The Johnny 'Oh he's so fit' Depp fans won't like this, as it's a more of a Psychological film, not a film where you can just sit back and watch.(Not meant as an insult to anyone who takes it that way). I mean, he is damn attractive, but you have to watch his films, not him like you're about 12 or something. This film has good moments of tension, and it it well displayed.

Cronis M (de) wrote: Michael Shannon gives a brilliant performance of a man obsessed with an impending storm.

Kong L (nl) wrote: CHARMING | MELANCHOLY | SLOW-PACED (61-out-of-100)

Lasha G (kr) wrote: I think the biggest magic of this film is in that interviews and the ways of retelling that great moments. I like when during the shooting of memories the main attention is to the faces of heroes, the most brilliant was the episode of old woman trying to teach little girl a dance. I think the message involved here is to all humanity that life's worth living if you have even just one memory when you were happy, what than will automatically become the concept to which I just fell in love called Evidence of Living. To say truth i was waiting something a bit more , sentimentally emotional to say , but what it turned out to be , was no worse than what i expected, I recommend this outstanding existensial drama to all film lovers and even more , LIFE LOVERS !