País do Desejo

País do Desejo


Roberta is a renowned classical pianist battling a chronic kidney disease. However, an unexpected encounter with Father José will forever change her life. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Hobie P (us) wrote: Boring,& pointless. Painful to watch.

Jake C (br) wrote: Great documentary. It is amazing how poor the band is at communication, but how well they play together.

Evelyn M (ca) wrote: what kind of fuckery is this? No.

Mike N (nl) wrote: the idea of the story sounded promising but the movie ended up being pretty bad.

Ryan E (nl) wrote: Another one of those movies that you see on the bargin bin shelf of a DVD retailer and purchase because you remember laughing at it when you were 10 years old. Not funny anymore. This is prehaps Robin Williams worst film its simply not funny and in all too many places lame. There are a few moments where Crystal and Williams bounce of each other well but its too few and fair between to make this movie something to sit down and watch again.

Joel S (es) wrote: A generic, forgettable studio piece from the early nineties that happened to be one of my childhood staples for some reason. It kinda worked for me back in the day, and it definitely has at least a few laughs.

June N (es) wrote: This is probably one of Hugh Grant's first movies. About the life of Chopin and his love affair with George Sand (who was a woman writer taking on a male persona so she could be published). I love this dramatic, romantic, love story filled with deception and humor and intrigue. Great film!!!

Joni A (mx) wrote: I can't turn the channel when this movie is playing.

Patrick V (fr) wrote: Didn't like it, not that good.

Amy R (us) wrote: Sudsy melodrama, but what keeps this film lively is the way gender and power remain constantly in flux. It's almost impossible to keep track of whose manipulations are working on whom, and how.

Jake P (us) wrote: What an amazing fun film from begging to end. When it first started it reminded me of cabaret which I loved. The songs where all good. The acting was great from Cher who sings 2 great songs in the film, Christina agularia does her best but shes not amazing but she's good. The plot is good too but nothing amazing. A fun musical from start to finish it's great to see Cher back on screen and to see her do a musical just makes the film better.

kevin c (jp) wrote: Keeps your heart pumping and pumping !!!!!!!!!!

Justin B (nl) wrote: Root for the popular kids because they have it so tough. Misogynistic and homophobic yet innocuously vanilla. Stock characters with simply puzzling story framework and very few laughs. The American pie spinoffs were bad but at least they tried something.

Emad E (br) wrote: im eager to see that nice u broaght

Melissa M (ag) wrote: I don't know what went wrong here with the critics. I loved this movie! It made me happy. :-)

Thom H (au) wrote: Ten years later this goofy film becomes a documentary. Mike Judge is a prophet.

Hael H (ag) wrote: Extraordinary piece of filmmaking from an outstanding cast. Brutal, tense, distasteful and yet utterly brilliant.

Jared B (br) wrote: Great soundtrack helps push the blood and gore. It has fantastic characters, while it may get boring because not much happens it is a fantastic film

Carlos I (ru) wrote: Pretty awesome western with a touch of horror element in there, has Bronson as Wild Bill hunting a legendary killer Buffalo. Like Captain Ahab this thing haunts him. Aside from some wonky animatronics at times, it was pretty damn effective. Had lots of fun.