Pal Joey

Pal Joey

Frank Sinatra, at the zenith of his cocky, world-on-a-string popularity, glides through the film with breezy nonchalance, romancing showgirl Kim Novak (Columbia Pictures' new sex symbol) and wealthy widow Rita Hayworth (Columbia Pictures' former sex symbol). The film also benefits from location shooting in San Francisco, caught in the moonlight-and-supper-club glow of the late '50s. Sinatra does beautifully with the Rodgers and Hart classics "I Didn't Know What Time It Was" and "I Could Write a Book," and his performance of "The Lady Is a Tramp" (evocatively shot by director George Sidney) is flat-out genius. Sinatra's ease with hep-cat lingo nearly outdoes Bing Crosby at his best, and included in the DVD is a trailer in which Sinatra instructs the audience in "Joey's Jargon," a collection of hip slang words such as "gasser" and "mouse." If not one of Sinatra's very best movies, Pal Joey is nevertheless a classy vehicle that fits like a glove

Joey Evans is charming, handsome, funny, talented, and a first class, A-number-one heel. When Joey meets the former chorus girl ("She used to be 'Vera...with the Vanishing Veils'") and now ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Aaron H (fr) wrote: I really want to see it

Thomas W (gb) wrote: Ho-hum. Arthur Newman in a word. At first, Arthur Miller is actually Wallace Avery ... a man tired of his humdrum life that includes: a mediocre job and love life, a divorce, an un-spectacular apartment, a tired routine, a boring car, broken dreams, depression, and a very strained (practically non-existent) relationship with his young teenage son. Wallace Avery (Colin Firth - The King's Speech, A Single Man) has had enough of his sad life and decides to purchase a new name and identity and get a fresh start ... and this is where Arthur Newman comes into being. Staging a sad disappearance at a Florida beach, Wallace Avery vanishes overnight and Arthur Newman drives north out of Florida as a new man in a new-ish car. A one-time golf pro, Arthur used his fake identity months ago in hopes of securing a new job as a golf pro at a small private club in Terre Haute, Indiana. On his way to Indiana, Arthur crosses paths with Michaela "Mike" Fitzgerald (Emily Blunt - The Devil Wears Prada, Looper), a pick-pocket/con-artist depressed over a failed relationship and the institutionalization of her twin sister. After she quickly learns his secret, the two reluctantly find themselves linked to one another through common situations and understandings of one another. His solo trip to Indiana becomes a road trip and the pair bond with one another and form a romantic attraction with one another ... while they break into houses and role-play (temporarily stealing others' identities I presume?). If that sounds as if it just came out of left-field ... that is exactly how it feels while watching it too. Before any explanation is given, I assumed she became an instant schizophrenic or something and was confused. I am still somewhat confused by its purpose and inclusion -- and it doesn't just happen once or twice. The film loses its way when this third layer of "pretending" began and it never fully recovers as each scenario becomes more grandiose than the last. While these two are living it up and "finding themselves" while pretending to be someone other than the person they are already pretending to be (?), those they've left behind in Florida (Anne Heche - Donnie Brasco; Lucas Hedges - Moonrise Kingdom) miss them. The movie is a jumbled mess and I don't even know who I am supposed to like and root for. First-time director Dante Ariola couldn't keep this all in order as he had too much going on to keep straight. When he lost control of the ship, we were all doomed.

Ed I (nl) wrote: Worth a $2 rental or free watch but I won't be running out to buy it. I did enjoy it, acting was good, pace was good, plot was basic.

Dwain P (ca) wrote: There's campy, really campy, over-the-top campy and then there's "Ninja Cheerleaders." The story is actually even dumber than you would expect: a ninja played by George Takai runs a dojo by day and a strip club formerly owned by a mobster jailed for tax evasion by night. The mobster wants his strip club back and kidnaps Takai to force him to give him the deed to the club...instead of killing him and buying the club when it went back on the market. All that stands between Takai and certain death are his ninja apprentices, three hot cheerleaders/strippers/Honor Roll students trying to get into Brown at Los Lomos Malas Community College. The girls have an even more personal reason to find their sensei: the mobsters stole his safe containing the $200,000 they have saved from six months of stripping (!) for Brown. OK, put simply, this movie is STUPID. To its credit, though, it realizes that it's stupid and embraces its stupidity with glee. In fact, perhaps one of the funnier moments in the movie occurs when the cheerleaders stop looking for Takai to dance in a $50,000 stripping contest. The movie actually comes to a so that the police officer interrogating the cheerleaders can comment on just how ridiculous it is. The film works for what it is, a Z-grade straight-to-DVD martial arts comedy with T&A appeal. Check your brain at the door and you can have some fun with it.

keeley s (ca) wrote: its about ghosts like zombie things, and the woman and her husband moved up to the house in the woods and the ghosts dont want them there and eventualy everyone dies

Mark D (us) wrote: same as all the other movies santa goes missing and needs ppl to believe in christmas spirit in order to get back to his day job

Clay B (ag) wrote: FRANCK SPADONE (2000)

John W (ru) wrote: Ignore the mediocre ratings. This is a decent movie, worth watching.

Jonathan P (gb) wrote: The worst Corn film thus far Fields of Terror is dull and has none of the campiness that made the others (with the exception being 2) somewhat enjoyable. Eva Mendes was wasted in one her earliest roles and the film just dully drags on without ever anything fun happening.

Pat M (ru) wrote: The song PS I love so great...anyone in love has to understand that one..

cody f (kr) wrote: A gorgeous looking film with a all-star cast.Its about the everyday lives of a mother and her two daughters on the home front during WWII while all the men are away. It's sappy at times, but it has the Selznick touch and is quite enjoyable. Joesph Cotton has a supporting role in this film, as a old family friend, and every scene he is in is pure gold. It also has the famous scene that is parodied in Airplane! of the young girl chasing the train(plane) saying goodbye to her army boyfriend running into towers and receiving a watch that doesn't work. Not as good as Best years Of Our Lives or Mrs. Miniver, but worth a look if you enjoy WWII chick flixs.

Jan S (kr) wrote: Today is a good day to die. Solid acting and great atmosphere.

Aaron M (nl) wrote: Hellboy is yet another movie from the comic book based action fantasy genre which have dominated our screens for the last 15 years. Hellboy feels different though, its a little more dark and twisted. Its humour more sarcastic and blunt. Although its story not always being its strong point its a very entertaining action movie with a difference.