Palace Carnage

Palace Carnage

The heroic Ma Teng has developed a counter to the Flying Guillotines attack, and when word reaches The Emperor, who is more bloodthirsty than ever, he creates a new deadlier version and ...

Take two directors (Cheng Kang, who made the popular true crime thriller "The Criminals", and Hua Shan, who helmed the superheroes "Super Inframan"), a cast of the best and best-loved martial arts actors, then respected kung fu choreographer Tang Chia, and what do you have? The beloved cult sequel to the international "esoteric weapon/crazy cutlery" hit, "The Flying Guillotine", that's what ! . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Palace Carnage torrent reviews

Mandy V (it) wrote: I was skeptical because of the reviews on this movie. It was very entertaining for a horror movie. It was gory and quite disgusting. But is that not what we horror fans look for?

Camille L (nl) wrote: Un peu moins fort que la premire partie car beaucoup plus linaire et pisodique, la partie Guerilla du diptyque sur Che Guevara de Steven Soderbergh reste un film pour le moins intressant dans son approche totalement anti-spectaculaire du film de guerre malgr quelques escarmouches dans la deuxime heure. Le film est clairement trop long et rptitif, mais Benicio del Toro est excellent, tandis que le supporting cast, trop absent cependant, ne fait pas dfaut. Difficile cependant de s'ter de l'esprit que Soderbergh est peut-tre pass ct d'un sujet passionnant.

Grace C (ag) wrote: Amazing. This movie puts perspective on German POWs and also gives us a glimpse of an old world with definite cultural bondaries that are fast disappearing.

Lupistulipan L (nl) wrote: FASCINANTE LA CAPOEIRA

Mark A (ag) wrote: A bad movie but what did you expect from a movie called Monser High. It was fun though. If you enjoy bad horror movies then check it out.

Benjamin N (ru) wrote: So weird. Has moments of visual brilliance though

Juuso L (au) wrote: Atmospheric yakuza lovestory. Me likes.

Eugene B (es) wrote: Exit Wounds' action sequences are somewhat impractical and, though entertaining in a way, cannot salvage the film's sloppily-written story, ineffective chemistry or cheesy dialogue. 2/5