A recently released ex-con gets involved in a fake kidnapping scheme that turns very real.

A recently released ex-con gets involved in a fake kidnapping scheme that turns very real. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Carlos M (nl) wrote: Very well made as a single long take, it impresses for the elegance and technique employed, but the script is just awful, with stupid characters, over-calculated chills (always forewarned by an intrusive score) and a ridiculous, illogical ending.

Mikael E (ag) wrote: underhllande om man lter den vara det ...

Emily W (ag) wrote: An excellent movie that showed how a single event can affect many different people in different ways. Stiles' character put me off a little bit - she seemed too interested in a town she just moved to. Made me wonder what her made her feel drawn to move there. I was also slightly disappointed with the ending. I admit - I wanted a slightly larger Hollywood ending. The resolutions were good and fit the story, I just wanted it bigger and to involve more of the characters.

Mary C (ru) wrote: Very intense film lent to me by a great man who passed away yesterday. Thanks to HRC for his generosity and for always expanding my knowledge about people and art. He will be greatly missed and never forgotten.

D H (ca) wrote: Amazing action and comedy a must see

KJ H (ag) wrote: Classic Damon Wayans. The beging of Marlon also.

Chana Gitty P (ru) wrote: The problem I have with this movie is that i dont see a real sunsear functional romantic love connection and relationship.That all it shows is a controled person who gets away with controling a girl and making it sound that its normal when actually its not. So this movie is actually one of the worse oldys movie I ever saw... ??

jason w (jp) wrote: A pleasant war movie with twists of love, and friendship. Eastwood shows his valor, and ideology in this film as he trains his company, but also fights for the woman he loves. its a great film, and another star on Clint's chest. A must see film!

Charlotte B (ag) wrote: A strong film about the mechanisms of power and dependancy, never outdated.

Derek E (jp) wrote: i really dont understand what this is supposed to be

Stuart K (it) wrote: Written and directed by Clive Barker, based upon his 1985 short story The Last Illusion from Books of Blood: Volume 6. Barker had intended this to be a modern day film noir touching on the supernatural. Like his previous film Nightbreed (1990), it was a troubled production, which took ages to get funded then it was re-cut by the studio, although Barker got a director's cut on video later on. It's a good horror film with some good old fashioned scares. In 1982, cult leader Nix (Daniel von Bargen) can use real magic and calls himself 'The Puritan', but he's defeated by Swann (Kevin J. O'Connor), who buries Nix's body so deep it won't be found. 13 years later, New York detective Harry D'Amour (Scott Bakula) is sent to California to look for Quaid (Joseph Latimore) in connection with insurance fraud. He finds Quaid after a stabbing, who tells D'Amour that The Puritan is coming. D'Amour's investigations lead him to Swann, now a stage magician living with wife Dorothea (Famke Janssen), who Swann had saved from Nix all those years ago. It's a very complex plot, but there's something old school about it, with the effects and the make up. It has a colourful cast (in some cases literally), but this is the sort of thing you'd expect from Barker, who hasn't directed again since. Pity.

Ilhan A (kr) wrote: Can not hold your attention for long enough to tell you its story, after a point you simply get bored and miss the whole story