Pan's Labyrinth

Pan's Labyrinth

Living with her tyrannical stepfather in a new home with her pregnant mother, 10-year-old Ofelia feels alone until she explores a decaying labyrinth guarded by a mysterious faun who claims to know her destiny. If she wishes to return to her real father, Ofelia must complete three terrifying tasks.

In the falangist Spain of 1944, the bookish young stepdaughter of a sadistic army officer escapes into an eerie but captivating fantasy world. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Pan's Labyrinth torrent reviews

Sarfara A (ru) wrote: A dialogue-less animation movie. Either the timing for watching this movie was no good, or it was rather movie that totally numbed me. I hardly go after movies without dialogues, and this was all of sudden. It's about a person named Angel abusive immoral man who hangs out at a bar, berating others. He gets pair of wings on his back one morning, which makes him nervous in front of buddies at bar but in other respects he has doesn't care about the wings at all. This is not for all, since the plot is ideologue and too philosophical (without dialogues to say the least).

Jason L (gb) wrote: Proof that low-budget can still provide a refreshing perspective on horror.

David U (de) wrote: Having not watched a plethora of movies myself, I can say that without a doubt this is the worst movie I have ever seen in my life. I know that some movies are so bad that they're good. I watched Rocky Horror and Plan 9 From Outer Space and liked them. But this movie is so bad that it's worse. This movie is so bad that you might find yourself yelling WTF at the screen and wishing you could stab the screenwriter or director in the eye. It is in short: irritating. The premise for the movie is actually good and is what prompted me to watch the movie. Frustrated single gay 40 year old man has a strange accident and gets sent to an alternate time/world where he is his senior high school year self and that everyone is gay. This sounds good. this sounds like a sweet romantic comedy about how even if you wish you were normal, that if you could go back and grow up in a world where everyone was gay, that you would still have to deal with everything else that teenagers have to deal with: - the jock won't just fall into your arms, he may even be an asshole to you if you go up and try to talk to him, break your heart and sneer that he likes guys with more muscle, - you won't be instantly popular and will have to work yourself into/up the social cliques, - you have to find your identity, again, as you can't just be "the gay one" anymore, - you find that the not-as-cute guy that sits near you in History is actually very nice, makes you laugh, makes you comfortable, and wants to get to know you. There you would have learnt the moral that beauty isn't everything and that being gay isn't the only problem in the world, even if it might have felt like that the first time through. This would have been a movie I would love to see. This isn't the actual movie. The actual movie is all kinds of wrong. Firstly, if there is a moral that this movie is trying to get across is seems to be this: gay people aren't actually gay, they just want to be different. And that if you were to put a gay man into a gay world, he would want to be straight, and if you took that same man with the newly acquired knowledge that he can be happy with a girl and put him back in the straight world THEN HE WOULD WANT TO BE GAY AGAIN. That alone was enough to infuriate me. But not enough to join Rotten Tomatoes so I could write a review about this movie. Oh no. This movie gets worse. Far worse. In fact, one of the first things to happen in the alternate time/world is that the jock (the assumed most popular guy in school) falls for the main character. Without even a reason. Seems he always just seemed to like you. And after those decades of longing for hot bodied guys, the regret that the jock never liked you the first time around, and all those new teenaged hormones raging in your body, the main character feels perfectly content to leave things with his new boyfriend at a kiss or two. Then with the introduction of his best friend from high school who is a girl, he decides he likes her, has sex with her, and proclaims he is straight. Not bi, but straight. What the hell was that? Seriously. A 40 year old man knows what sexuality he is. Ok maybe not a 40 year old straight man with gay tendencies discovering that being in politics and hiring a gay prostitute doesn't mix. But an openly gay 40 year old man knows what sexuality he is. He may be gay, he might have straight tendencies, he might even be bi and just saying so avoid confusion/hide, but he is not straight. Then there are those other idiotic gaps in logic. The main character after being a bit dumb to catch on that the whole world is gay, and that he's traveled back in time about 2 decades (forgivably), goes on to say things movie time days later like "I know you", "don't you remember?", "I wasted two years dating a 34 year old" and what must be movie weeks later like "here's a photo of your children you haven't had yet". all the while the supporting cast just stare around and say things like "who are you?" or "what are you saying?" with a sad look, instead of "what the f**k are you going on about, I think I'd notice if I gave birth twice". Seriously, he keeps going on about his previous life as if he expects that everyone else will catch on and say "ohh yeah, I remember you now". Also the main character's dead brother is still alive in the alternate time/world, but he only turns up right at the end, waiting in the car park of the prom, having been inexplicably not around or previously mentioned in the alternate world. What, did he live interstate and come up for a surprise? He didn't say surprise. Come to think of it, why did a stranger's dog RING YOUR DOORBELL near the end? Why was everyone just standing around, staring, and listening to your monologues at the prom? Oh and would you know it, all the kids in the high school seem to be straight, all you needed to do was make them dance with each other. A lot of parts of the film seem to be tailored so that they can work if they were flipped gay to straight or straight to gay, but this is not one of them, and it's squeezed between two moments that were obviously intended to be looked at in a "hey you could flip that and it applies to our world" way. And then there are the moments when you scream in your head "who the hell wrote this dialog?" not in the sense that there are ridiculous one liners, but that it's not believable that the characters would be talking like this. It sounds scripted as if everyone were reading lines in a book not about them. That said I'm not sure if there is a case of bad writing, bad directing, or acting. In her defense the female lead makes most of what she says sound believable, and the male lead maybe half. If there is a redeeming moment in the film it would be that the main character disapproves of his friends straight-bashing and gives the frightened straight boy the milk carton he dropped. Or the end of the end scene where it looks like a decent and non-ridiculous relationship might be starting off, even if the ending scene begins with some ridiculousness. I'm not clueless, I can see that the intended morals are "be careful what you wish for", "what you think you want might not actually be what you want" and "don't be heterophobic", but the movie fails at showcasing these, overridden by the fact that it inadvertently portrays gay men as people that just want to be different for the sake of it and can't make up their mind. Or perhaps the intended moral was "if we flip the sexuality of everyone in this movie, perhaps we can sell a lot of DVDs". I'm ashamed that this movie will be placed in the Gay/Lesbian section of video stores, even if it is increasing the diversity of queer cinema quality.

Matt M (gb) wrote: This movie will give you goosebumps with its unnatural, eerie atmosphere. With a religious undertone and generous use of fog and darkness, this movie is a genuinely brilliant adaptation of the favourite video game of the same name. Overall, Silent Hill is a very good movie and well worth a watch. It's certainly a movie I'll watch again.

Andrew P (es) wrote: lets see swords epic fight scenes guns that seem to never run out of ammo blood zombies and one crazy story is what it to make an asian movie i loved every minute the story though not so much the ending yes hopefully there is a part 2

Lindsay S (kr) wrote: [center][font=Fixedsys]Black Circle Boys. An honestly kick anis movie. It's actually my favorite movie. Okay, so maybe I haven't seen it in like, 4 years if not 5 but it's still my #1 and then Dazed and Confused and then Motel Hell, ha ha chyeah, that movies Fucking! I love those, okay so thats my first entry. Bye :cool: [/font][/center][center][font=Fixedsys][/font] [/center]

John D (kr) wrote: Definitely one of the best action films ever made. Maybe John Woo's best Asian film yet. The gun fight scenes are definitely the most over the top, heart pounding and "edge of your seat experience" you'll ever see. And the performances are great. Chow Yun Fat and Tony Leu are great in this film. The most memorable performances of them yet. Very recommended! If you love action films, this will fill your thirst. A Classic!

Angelina C (ru) wrote: Rec by Dannyrovira. Thankyou

Cade H (es) wrote: Pumping Iron is a classic documentary that follows Arnold and a few other body builders as they prepare for competition. It is fun and interesting, but really only if you are into working out and are a fan of Arnold (but really, who isn't a fan of his). There were some good moments and funny interviews but I felt like it could have shown more lifting scenes in the gym to show how hard they train. It was a little underwhelming for me because I had heard such great things about this film. It was a good insight into the sport of bodybuilding and it really shows you Arnold's personality and his confidence and why he became such a huge success. Good movie but not amazing.

Pheonix R (au) wrote: Awesome movie. I had to get a second copy since I watched the first so much and scratched it up.

Frances H (br) wrote: One of the funniest movies ever (the others being Woody Allen's Love and Death, Monty Python and the Holy Grail, and Monty Python's Life of Brian)! Sorry, forgot about A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum!

Scott R (br) wrote: A charming movie. However, I had a hard time thinking they were in Vienna with them speaking French the whole time.

Trinity B (nl) wrote: Turned it off, was slow, boring story.