Panakara Kudumbam

Panakara Kudumbam


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    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:1964
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Panakara Kudumbam torrent reviews

Maxime V (gb) wrote: godawful. I love shitty movies even adam sandler's recent crapfest but this one is complete bollocks. Just boring.

William S (nl) wrote: Although a touch sickly sweet, the cast are charming enough the end result is a thoroughly entertaining watch.

Brian C (ca) wrote: Last Kind Words was quite good; a solid ghost story, and interesting mystery. The characters are well drawn out and while flawed, are likeable to some extent. There are some really great ideas at work here, and all are explored creating a vivid experience.

Karsh D (it) wrote: Another decent addition to this more than decent trilogy as Lisbeth takes on her perverted advocate in court whilst facing up to 3 murder charges and of course the final showdown with the brick outhouse that is Nidemaar

The S (es) wrote: After the TV series had finished came this gem of a film which tells the story from the Cylon perspective and provides us with genuine new insight into what makes the machines tick. Portraying incidents we're already familiar with from a completely different angle is a very clever idea and a real eye opener. By the end of the film I found myself understanding the occasionally genocidal and often schizophrenic Cylons to the point of feeling some sympathy for them - the film's closing moments followed by the haunting song "Apocalypse" are nothing short of beautiful and I'm left pondering how much irony was intended in this movie's title.

mike t (de) wrote: This movie is a pretty good movie overall, very broinging parts but it is a good story of a middle class family.

Denise M (mx) wrote: I liked it a lot. It made my eyes tear up at the end, not many movies do that to me. "We must learn how to die so we can learn how to live."-Morrie

Dan D (es) wrote: Such a determined filmaker. I'm just so impressed by Herzog's devotion.

Kelly F (fr) wrote: What's funnier than Benji, with an inner monologue voiced by Chevy Chase? Very little, my friend.

Rodney E (jp) wrote: This is pure WPWR Channel 50 viewing. For a kid growing up without cable you had to rely on a few stations to randomly play movies like these. I always enjoyed the majority of what I watched on Channel 50.

Tor M (us) wrote: I found it hard to really gain any interest in this film. It felt slow, repitative and very boring. The style is nice and I like the overload of white and loads of the futuristic stuff is cool but foremost impressive. I really get why the early "Star Wars" films looks so great now. This film does not look over 40 years old or six years older than the first SW.I get that it's a very inspiring and influential film. Sadly I really struggled to pay the needed attention too it. It felt like it's a film about loads of letters and digits being called over some PA. It's impressive for it's age, on many levels - especially the effects, but it's straight up boring for me. That does not make it horrible, but sci-fi need some more tensity for me. I also found some nice trivia at IMDB, that's cool, but it's not helping the result.3 out of 10 bald heads.

Neil K (it) wrote: Just not as good as the original - but not bad.

Sarah H (mx) wrote: Not horrible, however I was more interested in the plot against the main characters than I was in the love story.

Kaleb T (ru) wrote: Stanley Kubrick once called this his favorite movie. It is essentially three short stories that at first seemed unrelated but the more I think about it, the more they make sense as one work. The visual styling is beautiful, and deserving of the Oscar nomination for best art direction. Ophuls makes great use of elaborate camera setups and sweeping movements. This is one that I definitely think will be even better the second showing.

steve f (au) wrote: A movie near perfection. Excellent acted movie that delivers everything promised. The only drawback is they took many liberties that never happened in real life.