Panelstory aneb Jak se rodí sídliste

Panelstory aneb Jak se rodí sídliste

An old man is wandering round a badly signposted and as yet mostly under construction Prague housing estate looking for the high rise block into which he is supposed to be moving with his ...

Using a hand-held verite camera style, Panalstory follows the live of several residents of a communist-bloc apartment complex from hell. Shot in a real unfinished housing project, the film is one of those things you can't believe got past the state censors. However don't think this film is only about life in the Soviet bloc. It one of the best universal human life films, I've seen. The filming and editing are superb and once again the director predates filming styles that are all the rage now. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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TomC172 (de) wrote: Excellent work overlooked by critics due to its somewhat slow start, becomes more and more compelling and complex as it progresses. Intelligent script inspired by the bizarre unsolved murder of Elizabeth Short aka 'The Black Dahlia'. Extraordinarily excellent acting by all cast members, a truly underrated movie worth your attention.

Kristian O (de) wrote: I enjoyed this one. Perfect for viewing when you want nothing more than mindless laughs.

Anne F (au) wrote: Fictionalised account of the story of the valet to the British ambassador in Turkey, who sold secrets to the Germans. The story is full of twists and turns and leaves the question of whether he was a double-agent pleasingly unanswered. Great performance from James Mason as the dastardly spy.

Emily W (fr) wrote: love all of the eating out movies!

Andrej C (nl) wrote: Love it !!!! Funny!!!!!!

Dusty L (gb) wrote: 81% on my Tomatometer.

Steve R (ag) wrote: The only attempt to date to bring George MacDonald Fraser's Flashman character to the big screen. The film doensn't have the time to develop the plot like the book does and cuts a lot of corners, but the main criticism of the film is the atempts to make it into a comedy film, removing Flashman's suave and conniving character from the film. It's interesting to see pre-fame Bob Hoskins and David Jason in cameo roles but the film doesn't really hold the interest for the duration. Read the book instead.

Eric H (kr) wrote: What a delightfully silly movie.

Ugly T (au) wrote: IL LAGO DI SATANA!!!! HAVE ORIGINAL POSTER. HAHA funny movie! yes this is an idiot movie and i don't know if it WANTED to be so trash. The mask of the witch (but, hell, is she for real Barbara?) it's not scary, it's grotesque (ahah Evil dead...did you copied something from this movie?) and her revenge vs villagers it has some peaks of absurdity (see the scythe and hammer inn-joke). An idiot Van Helsing makes me laugh and some demented high-speed footages scenes it drives me to consider this movie a serious spoof. Hot scene of love with quick vision of naked breasts of B! Open ending...maybe it was a pro-feminism movie? The witches are back up! mah..

Tony B (ag) wrote: Really fun post-Spudnik, pre-man in space Sci-Fi B movie based on the fear of the unknown. I love the monster suit, you can see where the shirt ends and the pants begin!

Luke W (es) wrote: It was very funny,the first half was boring and so I thought it was going to be bad like the last madea that came out but then the second half was

Fawn O (mx) wrote: This raunchy, hormone-induced coming-of-age story exercises its own unique brand of boorish, pimple-y humour teenagers will find readily endearing because, as embarrassing as learning about sex can be, it employs a certain relatable realism that has aged very well over the years. With as many female characters as there are male characters in the main line-up, a hearty foundation is formed making this a solid effort for the teen movie genre. Each character handles sex and intimacy in such vastly different ways. The males, in particular, come to find that sex isn't quite what it has been cracked up to be by their more experienced peers; their first time is likely going to be awkward and nerve-wracking, so they aren't going to be dynamos in bed right away. For some, this may be a hilariously rude awakening.American Pie carries classic gags that successfully appeal to its audience. [B-] -- 68%