Pangako... Ikaw lang

Pangako... Ikaw lang


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:100 minutes
  • Release:2001
  • Language:Filipino,Tagalog,Visayan
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:hospital,   womanizer,   comatose,  

In the hospital, Vince, a womanizer, is comatosed and mistakes Cristina as his guardian angel when he sees her as he opened his eyes. Little did he know that Cristina nearly killed him when she accidentally pulled his life plug. When he got well, he vowed to treat women better and find his guardian angel. One day, Cristina sees Vince with his friends. Cristina was so happy and relieved to see him alive that she hit him on the head. When Vince saw his ‘guardian angel,’ he tracked her down to get to know her better. They then realized that they share many things in common— but they are not sure if they share their attraction for one another. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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James C (ca) wrote: When a small beach resort is terrorised by a group of prehistoric sharks that have the ability to use the sand as if it was water, it is up to the local Police Chief and a scientist to save the day.We all are aware that SyFy Channel makes it's own movies featuring mutant creatures gone wild, and we are also aware of how bad they are. But they must have a group of fans, as they keep getting made. Sand Sharks is a wonder to behold. The story is so thin, that is almost see through, the ideas are so fantastical that you have got to give the writers points for having the balls for trying to make any of it believable. The acting is a mixed bag that runs from completely wooden to actually not that bad, and the film's two name actors (Brooke Hogan and Corin Nemec) both have extensive acting experience,and both approach the tongue in cheek script with a the suitable amount of ham. The special effects are again a mixed bag, as the physical effects are pretty good and the shark victims look pretty well torn up, but the shark effects themselves suck, as the CGI looks like it was created on an etch a sketch. BUT this is movie does have a certain something and it is the kind of movie that you will watch to the end just to see how bad it can get, and secretly you will probably quite enjoy it.

Daniel M (jp) wrote: Zoe Saldana shows her teeth as an amazing actress but as for the rest of this film... Does not really hit the spot.

Sarah C (es) wrote: To deep into NYC's golden age :)

Kevin R (es) wrote: Another 80's horror film on Youtube. A cult of witches, a sleepwalking girl, a psychopath... it doesn't make a lot of sense, then there is the ending... it's pretty good, just doesn't make much sense either. Maybe I'm thinking too much about it, overall enjoyable enough.

Caroline P (fr) wrote: Completely captivating, horrifying, and fascinating

corinne c (it) wrote: rani mukerjee and amitabh bachchan are excellent- beautiful story to open your pocket of kleenex

Aln C (ca) wrote: I watched this movie a little over a year ago. I'm in my college years and let me tell you, this is a perfect movie for someone arond my ageI'm not sure that I'll like this movie when I'm around 30 to 50 years old, all I know is that I like it now, and as long as there are college students in the world, this movie will still have a following. Besides, critics, open up your mind to silly ideas, stop giving 5 stars to confusing, probably not that good stuff like Interstellar and open up to less serious, funnier stuff

Emily B (us) wrote: A four-way split screen and four continuous takes. Admittingly the concept can take a while to get use to. Whilst this may not be to everyone's liking it is without doubt an intriguing experiment.

Akhil A (nl) wrote: Benicio Del Toro never disappoints me,so this is no exception.Talking about movie i dont think i found any dull moment in it even for 1 sec.....!!! completely entertaining..!....... ...

Gary N (de) wrote: This is also a fun clean movie great story line very entertaining

Adam R (ru) wrote: Gus Van Sant's own private movie. The rest of us don't really get it. It is truly one of the more pretentious films I've seen with almost no entertainment value other than some good acting from River Phoenix. (First and only viewing - 9/1/2016)

Thomas K (nl) wrote: Depressing AND joyous is a hard act to pull off and Van Sant does it here. Matt Dillon is so good that he could coast on this for the rest of his career and, unfortunately he largely has.

Karin R (us) wrote: Oh dear. Why is RDjr's character constantly play acting killing himself? They did just say butt pirates, so that's pretty funny. Also enjoy that I just watched a huge HBO sports doc about NCAA recruiting violations yesterday so its particularly relevant. My buddy loves this movie. I say eh.

Matt R (fr) wrote: No better X-Mas movie. Makes me feel fuzzy inside just thinking about this wonderful flick.

Hollie T (kr) wrote: Mardi Gras Massacre plays out like a cheap porn-parody of Q: The Winged Serpent with all of the sex scenes removed and replaced with montages to generic disco music.

Marilee A (au) wrote: Powerful, Underrated Film

Matt D (ag) wrote: Another great Harry Palmer classic.

Weul S (jp) wrote: Death falls in love with a poet & takes his wife out of jealousy. Death's chauffeur falls in love with the poet's wife. Never love can go unpunished in this tragic retelling of the famous myth.

James H (ag) wrote: 81/100. Wonderfully imaginative film, there aren't too many like this one. Roland Young is wonderful in the lead, the special effects are really quite amazing, especially considering the year in which it was made.

Matthew C (de) wrote: When Earth is in danger from a giant Asteroid, a driller named Harry Stamper is brought on to drill a hole into the Asteroid so they can put a nuke in it to destroy it. Armageddon is a fun film with stunning visual effects and memorable performances, but the film is overbloated with drama and is very unintelligent.