An ex-gunfighter (Rod Cameron) woos two women while avenging his brother, victim of a crooked gambler.

John Sands, a former Texas marshal turns to ranching, and later to a gunfighter when he sets out to prove that casino/saloon owner, Matt Garson, had his brother, a newspaperman, killed. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Panhandle torrent reviews

Eddie G (nl) wrote: very slow start.but as minutes passing movie becomes more and more interesting,., i

TingHey C (es) wrote: This flick was actually pretty funny.. =) Even though I usually don't watch Swedish flicks.. but this one was okay! =)

Erica T (es) wrote: I liked the film, but it should have been longer to cover more of the book. The actors picked to play the main characters are what I pictured when reading the book. The darkness of the prison was conveyed well.

Laura D (fr) wrote: Saw it once. Really not worth a second watch.

Diana L (gb) wrote: Sad, but hopeful and stunningly acted. I was surprised at how much I liked this small film.

Barry B (gb) wrote: Kept me watching although slow in places it made you want to see the characters through to the end.

Jonathan M (de) wrote: Having seen this a few times now, Todd Haynes' low budget, high concept movie about environmental illness, the dangers of new age pop-psychology, the emptiness of suburban life, AIDS (however obliquely), etc., is a enduringly great mid-90s take on 80s excess. Julianne Moore is fantastic and Haynes' shots are always so nicely composed.

Jos M (de) wrote: Serie B, sin los brillos de la primera y genial The Fly.

Greg W (nl) wrote: Great silly Lugosi Monogrammer

Mago B (gb) wrote: Una cinta que trasmite una profunda melancola de principio a fin, y que vela porque las acciones de sus personajes hablen ms que cualquier otro dilogo; de ah que cuente con entes tan repletos de contenido y tan... vivos.

Sumanjit R (ca) wrote: Funny, feel-good Bro movie.

Hunter S (ca) wrote: I laughed my butt off.its not supposed to be taken seriously,it's supposed to be stupid.