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Will N (kr) wrote: Raw genius. No other way to put it. I will always gobble, gobble, motherfucker.

Paul P (es) wrote: Set 6 years after Kidulthood, not a lot has changed.Following Noel Clarke's Sam as he is released from prison after the events in Kidulthood, we are plunged back into the world of hoodies and dealers that we spent time with before. The story is pretty generic and the only character who seems to have genuinely moved on is Sam. This is where the flick has problems and the main one for me is Adam Deacon's character of Jay who is the instigator of the main events inthe film. I just didn't buy him in this and his attempts to be tough just didn't convince. Chuck in a cameo from everyones favourite geezer Danny Dyer which is full on hilarious in it's lame execution and its a pretty inconsistent flick all round.I quite like Noel Clarke as a film maker and I just hope that he moves away from material like this in the future as it is getting a little old now.

Amber M (nl) wrote: really cute!! selena gomez was a great edition

Gail A (it) wrote: Some of the dialogue is a little forced. Otherwise a good film.

Charles V (es) wrote: Best shitty movie of all time!!!!!!!!

Sarah G (ca) wrote: Great scenery and interesting characters but the character interactions were unbelievable and annoying.

Leo K (it) wrote: So much potential for a sci-fi-horror mashup, that builds up well, and by mid-way, you are captivated by what could happen next. Until, the movie does a 180, and goes to shit... as if another director took over completely, and ruined the entire movie. So much potential, with a shit final act.

Bruno D (fr) wrote: First Contact is the eight Star Trek movie and the second of The Next Generation movie series. This film follows the crew of the enterprise as they venture back into time in order to stop the Borg from erasing mans "First Contact" with an alien species as well as to assimilate the human race into their collective. This movie is excellent. The film has great special effects as well as amazing action sequences. The film stays true to the characters of The Next Generation tv series and is overall an enjoyable fun Star Trek film. Performances are also great as well and the movie does boast a rather great villain. Datas subplot was also appreciated. Overall this is up there with the best Star Trek movies. 5/5

Leonardo Malacay S (jp) wrote: diferencias y el temor que ellas nos despiertan pero tambin los descubrimientos que podemos hacer cuando hacemos aun lado nuestros temores

Kevin B (de) wrote: Full title--America: Naked and Violent. Not one of the better mondo movies.

Pol M (jp) wrote: Dersu s un gran personatge, i la histria d'amistat molt maca. Per s lenta, reiterativa, i es fa llargussima. Kurosawa s un mestre, per en t de millors. 6/10

Katie M (fr) wrote: The whole time, I just kept laughing because everything on screen reminded me of Airplane!

Van R (ru) wrote: BEYOND A REASONABLE DOUBT is the last film that M director Fritz Lang made in America and the theme of this intriguing but far-fetched law and order thriller is the morality of capital punishment. Capital punishment, crime, and murder obsessed Lang throughout his lengthy career and this RKO release contains several good performances. Tom Garrett (Dana Andrews of THE OX-BOW INCIDENT) is a former newspaper journalist turned novelist who agrees to test the strength of the justice system when his former boss, newspaper publisher Austin Spencer (Sidney Blackmer of DUEL IN THE SUN), thinks that the local district attorney is too good at his trade. Spencer does not like the idea that District Attorney Roy Thompson (Philip Bourneuf of THE MOLLY MAGUIRES) will exploit his ability to send men to the electric chair as a means to becoming the next governor. When a burlesque queen is murdered, Tom and Austin proceed with their plan to implicate Tom for the homicide. Meanwhile, Austin's daughter Susan (Joan Fontaine of SUSPICION) does not understand this secret scheme that her father and Tom are concocting until she sees a picture of her fiance in the newspaper with another woman Dolly Moore (Barbara Nichols), who stripped at the same club with the victim. Anyway, Tom buys a grey top-coat which a witness, who could not discern the facial features of the man, said he was wearing. Tom takes a lighter that Susan gave him and throws it in a ravine near where the girl died. Eventually, Thompson takes Tom into custody and charges him with the death of the stripper. The morning of the sentencing, Austin puts all the pictures in an envelop and backs out of his garage. No sooner has he backed out than a truck collides with him, knocks his car over, and a fire erupts. Austin dies in the car and the evidence goes up in smoke. Tom reacts with shock at the death of Austin. He goes into court and explains what happened, but the jury finds him guilty and he is sentenced to die in the electric chair. The two sizzling surprises that cap this nifty 80-minute melodrama will leave you reeling. The chief difference between this version and the new Michael Douglas version is that Lang did not have the elaborate technology the director Peter Hyams takes advantage of in his remake. Furthermore, the protagonists in the Lang version were targeting the death penalty and the ease with which Thompson won convictions on circumstantial evidence. In the Hyams version, the district attorney is crooked from the get-go. Unfortunately, this threadbare, black & white production will strike contemporary attention-deficit audiences that crave explosive action-fests as boring.

Victor M (fr) wrote: This Spanish comedy film directed by Luis Garca Berlanga is one of the masterpieces of Spanish cinema.

Hugo C (fr) wrote: It is neither good nor bad. Anyway, it entertains me for 90-ish minutes.

Samantha H (au) wrote: Very good cast... but just kinda boring... a few laughs... but otherwise completely predictable and im just glad i only spent 6bucks on it...

Raymond C (nl) wrote: Watched this the year it came out and it left a lot of ideas in my head!

Yuri B (it) wrote: Another future Wes Anderson classic.

Matt D (es) wrote: This movie really just goes on and on and I'm afraid was unable of fully holding my attention. It seems like every kind of scene from every kind of war prisoner movie was tossed in here and after awhile it only feels punishing to the viewer no matter how well it is shot or how ahead of it's time it was in terms of content.