Papá se volvió loco

Papá se volvió loco

On their scond honeymoon, a couple travels to the beaches of the Dominican Republic to reignite their marriage.

On their scond honeymoon, a couple travels to the beaches of the Dominican Republic to reignite their marriage. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Joshua L (ca) wrote: A Damn good western!

Daniel G (de) wrote: Even more senseless and disgusting than the series, and yet, somehow it feels like something different to Drawn Together... it's more dissapointing than funny to be honest, especially when you know Family Guy's Creator Seth McFarlen was involved in the film, quite a sad ending for a comedy serie

John B (us) wrote: A gorgeous tale of how a human's seemingly natural instinct to bond and protect animals assist with rehabilitation for violent crimes. A testament to all involved.

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W David L (jp) wrote: White Fang's great though.

Lori W (nl) wrote: Not too bad for a sequal..They work well together..

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