Papadopoulos & Sons

Papadopoulos & Sons

Following his ruin in the latest banking crisis, a self-made millionaire reluctantly re-unites with his estranged freewheeling brother to re-open the abandoned fish and chip shop they shared in their youth.

Self-made businessman Harry Papadopoulos has got it all; a mansion house; awards and a super rich lifestyle. However, on the eve of a property deal of a lifetime, a financial crisis hits and the banks call in their huge loans. Harry and his family lose everything in an instant. Everything, except the dormant and forgotten Three Brothers Fish & Chip Shop half owned by Harry's larger than life brother Spiros who's been estranged from the family for years. With no alternative, Harry and his family, plant enthusiast James; fashion victim Katie; nerdy Theo and their loyal nanny Mrs. Parrington, are forced to pack their bags, leave their millionaire lifestyle and join 'Uncle Spiros' to live above the neglected Three Brothers chippie. Together they set about bringing the chip shop back to life under the suspicious gaze of the their old rival, Hassan, from the neighbouring Turkish kebab shop whose son has his own eyes on Katie. Each family member must come to terms with their new life in ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kc P (us) wrote: not great but still not half bad. You can tell they really tried to make something good, it just came up a bit short. Kinda boring. It was still cute though.

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Ted W (es) wrote: Fun movie, well crafted but slightly cliched, even at the time or release. It was nice having a no-name cast to add to the realism of the story.

Johnny T (us) wrote: If the movie still manages to be funny in moments, it's totally due to the colorful gallery of performers. The problem with Coneheads is that it's basically a one-joke movie stretched to the limit with numerous mutations and reverberations. Coneheads falls flat about as often as it turns funny, and displays more amiability than style. The movie is a nutball jamboree of sight gags, verbal gags, and pure helium daffiness. The story is without purpose; there's nothing for us to care about, even in a comedic way. All very odd, and well-acted, as Aykroyd and Curtin talk like voice synthesizers and walk like robots. Not all sketches are destined for feature length; "Coneheads" has essentially taken nine minutes of material and multiplied the running time by 10 while adding nothing to the inspiration. The movie starts out okay, but it's hard to keep a story this thin going for long, and by the half-hour point (around the time that Connie Conehead is born), it becomes obvious that the decision to create a full-length feature out of this subject material was a colossal mistake. VERDICT: "Not So Hot" - [Negative Reaction] These films are truly terrible films. They are not the worst things ever made, but they are definitely awful and should not be seen by anyone. (Films that are rated 1.5 or 2 stars)

Rachel B (jp) wrote: this is a classic comedy

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Roderick M (ru) wrote: Was full of so much expectation for this film for it to be a total snooze fest

Luc T (it) wrote: Very enjoyable. Hilarious!

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