Papa's Delicate Condition

Papa's Delicate Condition

When his beloved daughter wants a pony, railroad man and perpetual drinker Jack Griffith (Jackie Gleason) buys her the entire circus. But when his wife leaves him and takes the children with her, he follows with the carnival in tow to win back their hearts. Along the way, the gregarious drunk falls in with other shenanigans yet always finds a way to come up smelling like roses. The lighthearted Academy Award-winning comedy co-stars Glynis Johns.

If Jack Griffith's wife doesn't like the color of a neighbor's house| he'll arrange for it to be a house of a different color. If the owner of the ice cream parlor
doesn't believe in selling triple banana splits for a penny| Jack will buy the establishment. And if Jack's little girl wants the pony in the circus parade| why not
buy the entire circus! This last prank sends Amberlyn Griffith back to Texarkana c. 1900| where her father is running for his third term as mayor. Jack follows|
bringing the entire circus. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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valerie p (ru) wrote: terrific movie, well worth the price of a ticket

john p (nl) wrote: This is a fantastic movie, especially to fans of David Lynch during the 90's (think Lost Highway). This is the kind of director that we need now because Lynch doesn't have too much time left. I highly recommend.

ivan s (gb) wrote: Faith is so personal and I applaud these people for telling their heartbreaking stories.

d h (us) wrote: horrible, missing.the core cult message

chad a (us) wrote: Steve Caple did an excellent job capturing Cleveland with amazing angles and shots of the city and nearby neighborhoods. The characters all seemed like kids you'd grow up with if you're from 'The Land.' Whether you're from here or not, it's a must see!-Chad

Zelie H (us) wrote: i liked the first hand account , really good movie!

Xander K (kr) wrote: Probably too long for its own good, but still takes you on a fascinating ride of hero-worship and villain scapegoating surrounding a tragic set of events.

William W (it) wrote: Excellent and fair coverage of a tough subject. The rare doc that doesn't have a slanted POV but really just wants to get to the truth.

William F (ca) wrote: It was a feel good movie of some good folks risking their lives for Polish Jews.

Wesley B (fr) wrote: You may have heard Nazis are bad and known about the Warsaw ghetto... and nothing here is necessarily new or illuminating in that regard. But the Zookeeper 's wife maintains a sure footing and quiet dignity treading familiar territory about the chaos of war and the work to subvert the Nazi war machine (it's part of a new generation of stories out of Eastern Europe, probably held back by the Cold War). None of the performances are astonishing - Chastain is fine but bland, and her accent wavers - but this is a solid, worthwhile effort.

Walter T (mx) wrote: From the Ashes should be required watching in Washington DC and in coal country. Surprisingly balanced, it paints a realistic picture of a world rapidly moving away from coal as an energy source and its devastating impact on jobs. The politics of coal dominates America and our ability to solve this has profound impact on literally millions of families directly or indirectly impacted by this industry. Go see it.

Walter R (gb) wrote: Quite the puzzle if you go with it. Took me awhile to get it but once I did, very cool. The mood is very strange and always keeps you uncomfortable. My girl figured out ending before I did which pissed me off. Jena Malone is great. Not for all but very intriguing nonetheless. Cool locations too.

Wacky B (au) wrote: I kind of liked the film, it was okay. I just found a lot of flaws in it and it left me uninspired.

Vince A (jp) wrote: Very good documentary. It's frightening to see what a mob mentality, hero worship and obsession can do to a community. Happy Valley is filled with nut cases who spent more time making themselves and Joe Paterno into victims than actually caring about the real victims of child abuse. It's sickening.

Ursula L (kr) wrote: This documentary really disturbed me. As if the crimes committed weren't bad enough, this whole view of the town where Joe Paterno and the football team were "victims" is shameful. The university and the town are complicit in my opinion, because if it wasn't for the reverence of football above all else, these people wouldn't have had their blinders on to not see a child molester among them. Well done documentary, but the topic left me feeling sick.

Trina B (ca) wrote: Grade: B-Rating: PG, 119 minutesIn a Nutshell: I first saw this stage musical when I was a little girl. I LOVED it and immediately began memorizing all of the songs day in and day out. It was turned into a schmaltzy movie in 1989, so I was excited to see this new remake, directed by Michael Buster. I've been a huge fan of the talented Lex de Azevedo for many, many years. He added 3 new songs to this version, which are great, but also removed some from the original fan favorites. If you're unfamiliar with this story, know going in that it's super cheesy and melodramatic. If you're a fan of this Mormon legend, feel free to sing along.Uplifting theme: "Life on earth is going to be difficult." - Heavenly guide (Alex Boye)"Truth is truth." - Mack (Carlton Bluford)"Freedom is knowing who you are." - Pam"Nothing is impossible." - Tod (Mason Davis)There is more to this life than what you see. Things I liked:I got a kick out of the "There" and "Here" clocks in heaven. The "Captain Uchtdorf" announcement at the airport made me laugh out loud. That was awesome and hilarious. You gotta be LDS to appreciate that one.They did a great job with 70's costume design and home dcor.A new song was added when Jimmy's band, "Warrior", played for Capitol Records. I liked the new song "There's Got to be More". What a fun addition to include the Piano Guys. I love those guys.I thought Pam (Anna Daines) was lovely and I'd like to see more of her in other movies. I felt the same way about the actress/singer who performed in the original stage play and soundtrack.Julie (Monica Moore Smith) has a really beautiful voice, although she over-acted like she was on a big stage. The ending actually had true emotion, unlike most of the other scenes that felt over-acted.Keep watching as the credits roll to see Jimmy sing his version of "There's Got to be More" with sweet Emily watching from the side.Mason Davis, who plays Todd, is also an artist, like his character. All of the artwork you see Todd make was really made by Mason Davis himself. Things I didn't like:It feels like a stage play.It's super corny with very low production value.The technical dubbing issues were extremely distracting. You can see what looks like microphone packs on the backs of the performers quite often.Non-Mormons won't get some of the jokes or even the pre-mortal world scenes.Why is Emily (Abigail Baugh) in a yellow dress in heaven, while everyone else is wearing white? She sure is adorable.Julie says, "I'm going to miss this beautiful place" while she and Jimmy are standing in a building with old, brick walls. That line would have been more accurate if they were standing in a beautiful garden or something.There is an odd, unexpected, funny "gay" moment during the family's concert towards the beginning of the movie.There are a lot of artificially white teeth.What happened to the song "He's Just A Friend", "Dear John", and "Daddy's Nose"? Why did they take those songs out of the original?While everyone else looked "normal", Jimmy (Kenny Holland) always looked like he had a ton of make-up on. His boy-band nasal voice started to really grate on me.I recognize I had very high expectations, but I felt a bit disappointed.Funny lines:"Stake President material for sure." - Elder Greene (Morgan Gunter)"Maybe one of my counselors." - Elder Kestler (Clint Pulver)Tips for parents: I counted 3 times that people were slapped.No profanity. Thanks Mormons!There are a lot of "downer" scenes that make the movie feel pretty heavy.MOVIE REVIEW [email protected]

Tracy M (nl) wrote: Not many movies get you so emotionally vested and feeling the ups and downs of the characters. This movie needs to be out there for the masses to see. Not to just teaching about pledging but taking a stand when you know something is wrong. It has a lot of messages that can be taken through journey of life. It's easier to build strong children than repair broken men. F.D.

Tony T (au) wrote: Just what society needs. More criminal heroes. Sad commentary on Hip Hop culture.

Tommy W (us) wrote: This movie is the most cliche, boring,uninteresting mess with some of the worst editing I've ever seen and a script that feels like it was written for a high school play.

Tom S (ag) wrote: I WAS A MEMBER OF THIS CULT - You may have noticed that almost all of the critics are raving about HOLY HELL and it appears in many "Critic's Picks". SO WHY ALL THE BAD INDIVIDUAL REVIEWS? The answer is simple. You'll notice that the tone of the negative reviews is very protective of the group and the teacher. This is because the "Spiritual Master" of this group has told all of his followers to write multiple BAD reviews to attempt to dilute the rave reviews of the critics in a rather transparent attempt to dissuade audiences from seeing it. Of course it won't work. This is just one more classic coercive manipulation by this all too clever guru and it illustrates his iron-fist mind control of his misguided followers. The guru has told his disciples that the movie was just made to make money... the the people in are are deluded, lying jilted lovers. I know that these followers don't have bad intentions. Like myself, they have bought into the teacher's lies. They sadly don't communicate much with people outside of the group and they simply reinforce one another's misconceptions - a dangerous consequence of "group-think".This is a fascinating, beautifully made film. It is authentic, vulnerable and raw. The characters in this film courageously come out, in attempt to help others understand why people join and remain in cults. It is the first documentary about a cult, made by x-cult-memebers and it provides a rare glimpse into the inner workings of a modern day cult.A message to his current disciples, who I'm quite sure will see this: The ease with which he has you lie to protect him is nothing, compared to his own desire to lie to you to protect himself. Watch HOLY HELL yourself - even though it is forbidden. Ask yourself why all of his closest followers have left him. Hear first hand, with an open mind (if you are able) what other's have gone through. Have a little compassion. Keep in mind, this teacher calls himself enlightened and asks for you to surrender. He works as your therapist. He says he is beyond karma and the desires of the body and mind but time and time again he has violated the trust of those who knew him most intimately. Look at all the karma that has been created... Then decide where you stand.