Paper Planes

Paper Planes

I make mine. You make yours. He makes his. Everybody makes their own. Ervin Szabó: Paper Planes Seven stories independent from each other...

I make mine. You make yours. He makes his. Everybody makes their own. Ervin Szabó: Paper Planes Seven stories independent from each other... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ariel R (us) wrote: Una verdadera COCHINADA, esta cinta es pretenciosa desde el pster, pero al observar el contenido del filme te encuentras con actuaciones deplorables, efectos horrorosos, una historia muy buena pero contada de una forma en extremo aburrida, no vale la pena seguir hablando de esta basura.

Kenneth B (nl) wrote: I wasn't expecting much from this one but it is a solid chiller. The pacing is good, it is frequently funny but importantly it is scary when it needs to be.

Matt C (ca) wrote: It charmed me, I liked the leads, and it overall worked just wright lolo

Erin D (de) wrote: hahaha, good one. it's stupid, but then, we've all been put in the 'friend zone'

Brad Y (ru) wrote: Bruce Almighty teaches a familiar and dull lesson, but the joy of seeing Jim Carrey goofing around with God's powers may be reason enough to watch.

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The Critic (fr) wrote: A consistently cute and charming piece in which working class battler Kurt Russell spars against spoilt mega rich bitch Goldie Hawn until she falls from her luxurious yacht, only to then claim her as his wife. This makes way for a series of fish-out-of-water gags, particularly involving "their" diverse children (Brian Price, Jared Rushton, (a scene-stealing) Jamie Wild and Jeffrey Wiseman), followed by a genuinely touching performance from the ever-likeable Hawn when she discovers the truth about her family, making us realise how cruel Russell's ploy has been all along. But this is a Garry Marshall film, after all, and the director ensures that his audience doesn't walk away disappointed.

Kevin M (kr) wrote: One of the best of all time. Desparate Scots at their funniest. This is a must see movie. Graveyard scene stricks home. Lonely and angry with only the unknown dead to keep him company. Um...that didn't come out right. But, if you see the movie you'll undestand.

Miguel R (nl) wrote: Escape from Alcatraz is an effective prison drama, retelling in thrilling detail the famous escape from Alcatraz

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Melissa H (nl) wrote: Not the best out there, but I promote all Ellie movies!

Grifty G (us) wrote: watched the Scooby-Doo episode where they meet Laurel and Hardy (in some sort of rift in the space-time continuum). So it put me in the mood to watch some of the real thing.

Miguel A (gb) wrote: O que distingue John Cassavetes tem tudo a ver com a tremenda coragem que o realizador aplica na sua anlise dos mais complexos sentimentos humanos (amor, afecto, a procura de estabilidade). Na s mais delicadas zonas do drama, onde tantos outros realizadores hesitaram (por vezes at para nos protegerem do desconforto que vermo-nos a ns prprios), Cassavetes avanou recorrendo a quantidades semelhantes de atrevimento, sensibilidade e vontade de retratar as pessoas como seres frgeis e no como super-humanos (conforme acontece numa indstria que ele prprio abominava). "Love Streams", derradeiro projecto de Cassavetes filmado com dinheiro da Cannon (?!), representa portanto o culminar de toda a experincia e sabedoria acumuladas por um autor que desde cedo se comprometeu com o cinema essencialmente focado na dimenso emocional das pessoas. Escrito com base numa pea de teatro e condensado em 140 minutos, "Love Streams" dificilmente conseguiria um melhor sumrio das principais marcas de Cassavetes: h o habitual passeio pela vida aos trambolhes por parte dos que no se adaptaram rotina familiar, h ecos fortes de "Faces" (talvez o seu melhor filme), h a imagem das "escadas" como smbolo para a flutuao inevitvel nas relaes entre homem e mulher, pais e filhos. H tambm uma sequncia de sonho que por si s coloca Gena Rowlands num panteo s dela. Assim que termina "Love Streams", e depois de todo o percurso Cassavetes que o antecedeu, a sensao a de que mudmos. E filmes que provocam esse tipo de mudana coisa muito rara.

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