After they got imprisoned, small-time criminals Kuplung and Csumpi tell their stories to their cell-mate of how they have planned the most imperfect robbery. Their big idea was to rob the ...

After they got imprisoned, small-time criminals Kuplung and Csumpi tell their stories to their cell-mate of how they have planned the most imperfect robbery. Their big idea was to rob the ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Alan D (ru) wrote: The plot of this movie is borderline generic, if not cliche. With the amount of zombie movies released in the past decade, many deserve merit for its creativity, originality, and superb screenplay. However, this movie lacks everything. In the first 10 minutes, I felt as though the script was the work of an adolescent hopped up on acid and unable to maintain a consistent thought process - it lacks conversational flow. The acting also does nothing to alleviate this issue. The actors are unable to project any sort of emotion other than a straight poker face. There are simply no sincere expressions of shock, fear, joy, or sadness. Sure, the tone of the voice may change, but if everything seen on screen does not appropriately accompany what we hear, why not better spend the time listening to an audiobook. I am not even going to get started with the CGI used in this movie. Yes, the CGI in the explosions of White House Down were quite mediocre, but understandably, explosions and flames are potentially difficult to generate if past experience is limited. But this movie... How hard can it be to make a dog drool?However, I decided not to judge an entire movie after the first 10 minutes.Finishing the movie was a bad mistake, as my initial reactions to the movie were only evidently confirmed over and over. However, the audio production that went into this movie is worth a small mention. Audio effects are used appropriately and is acceptable, that is if you don't think about how cliche the sounds are and how they sound like they were edited out of other movies.One last comment, who opens a movie with hard rock music accompanied by a somewhat beautiful shot of a rural home?

Nicki M (au) wrote: Honestly pretty bad, even by Christmas movie standards. With mum away, three kids go to the mall to do Christmas shopping with their dad (Patrick Swayze). The kids of course get separated from dad, there's a silly plot with a bag of counterfeit money, and some bumbling villains trying to get it back. And a campy Carmen Electra in a series of bad wigs.The cool mall is the best part - beautiful decorations and a pool in the middle of winter.Kind of made me want to go shopping when I think family values are probably the message it is trying to achieve!

Tim M (ru) wrote: Nice premise, uneven directing, snowy mountain scenes were especially disappointing. The cool female villain dies too early.

Ali M (kr) wrote: Red Corner is a political movie which was made to insult China.

Mike G (kr) wrote: I'm only halfway through and this might be the best movie I've ever seen.

Walter M (ca) wrote: "The Retrieval" starts in Virgnia in 1864 with young Will(Ashton Sanders) seeking shelter at a station on the Underground Railroad which turns out to actually be a ruse for Burrell(Bill Oberst Jr.), a bounty hunter he works for, to recapture escaped slaves. That night Will and his partner Marcus(Keston John) enjoy the profits of their labor. But not for long, as Burrell has another job for them in locating and returning Nate(Tishuan Scott), another escaped slave, with the threat of death hanging over them if they do not succeed. "The Retrieval" is a suspenseful and unpredictable period piece. As far as history goes, it conveys that also in naturalistic tones of an era where it is much more about survival than judgment for the characters. The nuanced tone leads to a movie where less is more, not only as far as dialogue is concerned, especially in its exquisite opening sequence. In any case, it is a little difficult to carve out some of the backstories amongst the deceptions and lies. At the center of which is Will seeking his lost father amongst surrogates at a personal and moral crossroads while the United States is at its own crossroads.