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Squall C (us) wrote: This is obviously directed at fans of the games, but the movie itself is nowhere near interesting beyond that demographic. I did enjoy the title card at the direct end, but other than the visuals, this was very lacking.

Marc G (au) wrote: Truly a cure for insomnia. Look, I get it. I'm "hip". It's brutal. Woohoo. A woman's teeth are being ripped out one by one, um.. what else you got for me? I'm sorry but If I sit through 4 hours of a flick I better be rewarded with AT LEAST a shot of somebody throwing a ring into a Volcano. If you took out the meaningless 3 and a half hours of pointless exterior shots of snow falling, you're left with a 70 minute flick. Now THAT film I might like.. Now, I'll get to the gore because that is truly the reason, I'm guessing, most people are going to rent this. Just don't. First, It IS in black-and-white. Even though it's reasoning is to blend the documentary footage and the special effects, it's still used to soften the blow of gore. The actual effects range from mediocre to annoyingly bad. The reason I say "annoyingly" bad is this.. Andrey Iskanov clearly forgot he was directing a film and thought he was directing a Nine Inch Nails video. Look, I understand doing effects on a no-budget film is hard, but take pride in the effects you DO have, don't try to mask them by speeding up the camera and going in for a super-duper close up so we lose direction, lose interest and frankly it just looks bad. So, in the end, Andrey Iskanov wanted to make a 4 hour film where many, many people get tortured. Well, you can add one more person to that list: me.

Steffi P (mx) wrote: Tim McGraw plays a great dad in it...I really want to get it on DVD!

Andy N (ca) wrote: Saved attempts a scathing satire of religion, Christianity mostly, but it never really hits its mark because its played out like a much weaker version of Mean Girls. It made me chuckle a few times, but Saved didn't really get its hands as dirty as it could have.

Jess A (fr) wrote: Extremely cheesy, but Charlie Sheen doesn't look half bad in this movie.

Wayne K (de) wrote: The kind of movie where a person wanders about aimlessly and acts like an idiot, all presented as an introspective think piece, Five Easy Pieces has a pervading sense of emptiness about it, and an inescapable feeling of pointlessness. The acting is good, and there's some standout moments, notably Nicholson trying to order toast in a caf and playing a piano on the back of a truck, but for the majority of it he mopes, argues, whines and treats the people close to him like utter garbage. There's nothing to like about him, and the attempts to manipulate our emotions in his favour fail as a result. It's painfully overrated, religiously following the Terence Malick instruction manual on staring endlessly at things with nothing interesting to say about them. Boring, frustrating and thoroughly unentertaining. Sorry Jack, but this one's a dud.

Amanda C (gb) wrote: An extremely well conceived and executed film. Bunuel does a good job of realist tendencies with surrealist tendencies to produce an interesting portrayal of street kids in Mexico. The ending is a bit abrupt, and could have done with a tad more emotional resonance, however, the throw away ending does fit with the overall theme, that no one cares.

Haytham K (ca) wrote: It's amazing that even after 75 years this film is still nice to watch with its witty dialogue and enjoyable performances!

David B (it) wrote: For a true story about a fixed quiz show in 50's New York it aint too bad.