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Jeff R (au) wrote: Yep.Uber-interesting.

Richard S (es) wrote: Gets half-a-star for the effort of actually making a movie... not much else going for it though...

Neal H (es) wrote: this movie didnot make me laghf

Gary M (us) wrote: not a bad kids movie. These kids have a good imagination.

Jenny H (au) wrote: Annette Bening tries to capture Jean Harris, but for some reason the stretch was just to far. Jean is much more unpreditable, and weird with her mood swings, especially in court. Ben Kingsley does his best to be charasmatic, looks easy for him. Not a great HBO movie.

Paul D (kr) wrote: A fine example of cinematic storytelling. Cricket is a theme and those who appreciate the sport will like this, but it's really about social change on several levels.

Alexander C (br) wrote: Worth watching want to see!

Hannah M (jp) wrote: It was interesting watching this right on the heels of Abel Gance's Napoleon. This, however, had what Gance's film lacked. I was very drawn into the minds of the two opposing leaders. Wellington was played beautifully by Christopher Plummer, who created a fascinating aristocratic soldier. Napoleon was clearly the supporting character of this story, but he was also significantly more interesting than in Gance's version. The characters of these two held up the movie for me when I lost interest in the battle logistics. Nicely done.

Moya W (de) wrote: There are actors that you can watch in pretty much any movie because you don't really classify them with one single character. Even though Reese Witherspoon's most famous character might be Elle Woods in Legally Blonde and Kate Winslet is known for playing Rose in Titanic, it still doesn't feel weird to see Witherspoon in action movies and it doesn't feel weird to see Winslet in comedies. You can pretty much see them in anything and love them anyway. Then there are actors that you classify with one character so much that it's weird seeing them in anything else, it doesn't matter how good they might be. Emma Watson will always be Hermione Granger, Daniel Radcliffe will always be Harry Potter and Patrick Dempsey will always be Derek Shepherd. I can't see him in these lame romantic comedies, they just don't do him justice and it just makes me want to laugh. It just feels wrong and in the end that's all I can think about. How this movie just isn't right for him. I could sit through the movie, I didn't feel like closing my eyes or turning it off but still it ended up being rather tedious. There was nothing hooking me to the screen, there was nothing that really made me want to know how it would end. The movie is predictable, you pretty much know the ending from the very beginning. This is a movie that you've probably seen before a hundred times but with other actors and somewhat other lines. But it's all there. This movie only really exists for when you just happen to need something to do for the next 100 minutes, in that case it works perfectly.