Papua 3D the Secret Life of the Cannibals

Papua 3D the Secret Life of the Cannibals


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Papua 3D the Secret Life of the Cannibals torrent reviews

Emod L (de) wrote: 82%Stupid and charming, Kickassia is bolstered by its clever script and endearing special effects.

Victoria N (de) wrote: Well this moive is simply "wannabe- goodmovie." So the writer wrote all good scary shit together and got one that was hardly interesting at all ... and then the writer realized that the plot completly sucked and came up with the title "Somebody help me!" The End :P To be honest, it has some nice shots here and there... but overall and put together.. its not good enough..

Neil F (kr) wrote: Perhaps the saddest movie I have ever seen, and it would not have been affecting without the amazing lead performances. One caveat, I get a little perturbed when one actor gets lauded due to the fact that they have the "glory" role, when the movie is truly held together by the other actor doing the heavy lifting. Julie Christie deserves all accolades headed her way for her work, but Gordon Pinsent deserves the same. Without his understated performance,we wouldn't be affected. We're saddened by Fiona's tragic fade away, but by seeing it through her loving husband's eyes, it's wrenching.

Michael S (mx) wrote: A decent Australian film that doesn't shove its "Australian-ness" in our faces. Pissed myself laughing during the goanna scene.

Luciene C (ag) wrote: Um filme maravilhoso de Patricia Rozema, que me acompanha h 15 anos...!

Robert C (ru) wrote: Highly underrated. You love it or you hate it. +Cassidy Rae +John De Lancie +Evo ;)

Greg W (nl) wrote: cagney/o'brien+bogie+dead end kids+whoppin good pic

Faris S (nl) wrote: Excellent far-fetched thriller and Jodie Foster is amazing but I absolutely despise Peter Sarsgaard after this movie.

Ky K (us) wrote: It's a good classic, not very astonishing, however the viewer will find good things in this dark movie.

Tyler W (nl) wrote: Extremely Low Budget Film But The Last 35mins Make Up With Comedy Aspect So Worth A Watch & Price I Bought It Off Amazon For!

Allan C (mx) wrote: Pam is great, as always, but a pretty weak script and some truly awful acting make this a far cry from "Coffy" or "Foxy Brown".

Robbie V (gb) wrote: A rollicking good yarn