Paradesi is a Comedy/Drama/Romance film directed by K. Raghavendra Rao

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Paradesi torrent reviews

alie s (jp) wrote: It look like its good

Lucy C (ag) wrote: this looks really interesting & good

Casey M (ag) wrote: Strange little movie. Gibson proves he can still hold the screen but the story leaves one more to be desired.

David M (de) wrote: Truly one of the worst movies ever made ... and I've seen Children Shouldn't Play With Dead Things. This doesn't even have a good cheesy B-sci fi factor to it... just mind-numbingly bad. If you're looking to go into a coma, consider watching this one.

Mira H (us) wrote: m3a enno hendi hendi laken kefaya enny shoft Hrithik

Courtney L (it) wrote: great movie to remember

Robert D (mx) wrote: The acting is awful and the story makes no sense. Lack of decent kills also lets this film down.

Justin B (de) wrote: Another slightly more competent Seagal pot boiler. This is one of the first where the stunt doubles and bad dubbing become really obvious but the action is there.

Wes L (jp) wrote: It's interesting for 30 minutes, infuriating for the next 40, and complete nonsense in the last 30. The ultimate plot, as it were, relies so much on guesswork, misplaced blame and thriller cliches that it leaves infinite questions. The plot for the first 2/3rds or so consists of dozens of scenes where Connery's trying to prove the guy's innocent by asking completely logical questions about the case, and everyone saying "Look, he just did it, OK?" before assaulting him. It's too thin to be convincing, especially in light of the ending, which pretends all the horrible things the Fishburne character does in the first half, and all the incompetent police work and eyewitness reporting involved in the case, never happened. It's almost worth seeing as a textbook example of how not to make a movie.

Coltin L (nl) wrote: Filled with a stupid political agenda and a boring, lame, joke-ridden story, The Lorax is nothing like the classic Dr. Seuss story. Kids will enjoy it for the animation it is but anyone else will be bored to death.