After their caravan is attacked and their respective families butchered by Arab marauders, teenagers David and Sarah flee across the desert. But the desert is filled with danger from the elements, animals and the unwholesome appetite of the Jackal, a sheik who wants Sarah for himself. However, the desert also holds temptation and love. David and Sarah hide out in an oasis and build a life for themselves, discovering each other in new ways.

In the Victorian period, two teenagers, David and Sarah, travel with a caravan from Baghdad to Damascus. At an oasis, the white slave agent known as the Jackal raids them, mainly to add the... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Paradise torrent reviews

Lisa D (nl) wrote: A very poor remake of a much more poignant original movie - Who Can Kill A Child? Everything that was good about the original movie is missing in this movie. A congratulate anyone who watches this and actually cares what happens to the lead characters. Having watched the original previously, this version sadly didnt stand much of a chance, but even with the omission of its much superior predecessor, this is at best a very average movie.

Roy S (ru) wrote: By far the greatest miscarriage of justice I have heard of in any country even approximating a democracy. A man in the Philippines is falsely accused and convicted of a crime that he not only did not commit, but was absolutely impossible for him to commit. Not only did he have dozens of witnesses, photographs, two proctored exams, and a security guard's sign-in sheet proving he was in Manila and therefore 320 miles away from the crime in Cebu, the prosecution had no motive, physical evidence, and may have even misidentified the body. After he was imprisoned for over a year the police present testimony from a career criminal that was extracted under torture and with total immunity and a cash payment. The judge, among other things, not only denied defense attorneys the ability to cross-examine the witness but imprisoned them all for contempt. When the life sentence was appealed to the Supreme Court, the only miscarriage of justice they could find was that he did not receive the death penalty, which they immediately remedied by imposing. An absolutely astounding combination of corruption and incompetence.

Adrin F (de) wrote: rotten tomatoes10/3,5

Brad S (kr) wrote: What a beautiful and mature film. It follows two people who connect over a brief time in Cairo. It is filled a with a lot of little moments that ring true and just sits back and observes these two people. The cinematography and scenery are great, as are the performances from the two leads. This is a special film and I highly recommend it!

David J (nl) wrote: Still corny. Still fun.

Huw G (au) wrote: Flawed and very dark, but funny and brilliant all the same.

noah m (ru) wrote: Bowfinger is a charming and quite funny film that expertly conveys Hollywood satire. However with a strong and one way theme, it makes it hard for the film to reach 'great' standards.

James M (kr) wrote: In the same ocean as Flesh Gordon and movies of the ilk. So-bad-it's-good. And you get to see Emily Booth's naughty bits! :)

EWC o (us) wrote: Robin Williams is consistently hilarious and keeps this comedy moving at a brisk pace. The movie even dips unexpectedly into darker subject matter, which was a welcome addition.

Stephen C (ru) wrote: Hated by most critics at the time for its sprawling narrative ,this movie is one of the first ones i watched on my own as a kid. The basic premise is a good one Small town tries more outlandish schemes to get an Exit ramp built from the Freeway. What makes it funn is the colurful bunch of folks in the town and on the road. William Devane is great as the mayor of Ticlaw and Hume Croyn and Jessica Tandy as wonderful as an old couple he still bitter at losing his job she who has 5 old fashioned cocktails to keep her going. Also worth mentioning arer George Dzunda and Joe Grifasi as bankrobbing bin men and a watersking elephant. Sure the story is all over the place but i enjoy the film and fell it deserves another chance a neglected gem

Sarah D (au) wrote: "#1 anthopology film" where a brit plays a cheyenne? what-ever.

John M (jp) wrote: Cool premise - but the robots are pretty widely inconsistent in their strengths and weaknesses. Takes you out of it a little. Mr. Brenner is amazing in this though!

Roger B (mx) wrote: Orson Welles and Dean Stockwell are amazing in this movie. The acting by these two are the main reason to see it, especially Orson Welles' moving arguments in court.Recommended.

Francisco A (nl) wrote: Though the general concept is interesting, nothing can change the fact that Extinction is far from being a good film.

Ana R (mx) wrote: Never stop believing in yourself!

Erin D (nl) wrote: I used to have a crush on Ralph Fiennes, and watched this a few times in my teens/20s. However, I recently revisited it on Netflix and, wow, this film is so pandering to what filmmakers think women want to see in a romantic comedy, it fails on all accounts. The acting is still fine by Fiennes, but the rest is meh.