After surviving a plane crash a young conservative woman suffers a crisis of faith.

The film centers on a young beautiful girl who passes through a plane crash loose the faith in her life. She wants to see the paradise where finding again herself, throwing inhibition. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Paradise torrent reviews

Bill K (it) wrote: Interesting story and culturally enlightening (helps you get a feeling for Balkanization and the modern practice of ancient Muslim law).

Joselu P (ca) wrote: a bad ass movie jkjk

May L (de) wrote: The drame series is better.

Christopher P (kr) wrote: Decent acting but hard to watch at times because it has some scummy characters who think they're straight outta Compton when they're spoiled white fucks. Accurate to its own detriment really. Young punks in this are such posers, they're not even interesting to watch and judge most of the time. Bruce Willis and Sharon Stone are the ones to watch here but they're not given substantial enough roles to carry the film.

Keith P (fr) wrote: This movie is amazing..

Moeroa T (br) wrote: i just luv this the way she dance...Brazilian dance sexy..

Thomas B (ag) wrote: Skip it. Thumbs down!

Freddie F (au) wrote: One of the worst flicks ever conceived. There is not a single thing the makers of this film did right. Santa Claus battles the Devil...with Merlin the Sorceror! Surely the most ridiculous thing I've ever seen.

Marc L (br) wrote: A defining western, with style.

Emod L (br) wrote: 85%An authentic presentation of the Becket controversy, led by memorable performances by O'Toole and Burton.V: 75%

K N (ca) wrote: Just another sexist and homophobic piece, and a VERY accurate view on the young high school male sex life: trying to score with the "un-giving" and "easy to persuade" girl and not making it mean anything, but sex and social hierarchy. A lot of the movie was terribly awkward, embarrassing, very crude ... but at least I laughed once or twice. And at least the movie changed from "sex is the most important thing" to "sex pretty much sucks and doesn't really matter."