Paradise America

Paradise America

Finnish friends escape taxes to Florida.

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Andrew K (jp) wrote: Subterano is an interesting idea for a movie. It reminded me of Demonic Toys with how this "Mr. Bucket" like villain just showed up, and is like "Are you ready to die??". It was interesting also how it looked like the whole movie was shot in a parking garage but they made it look like a futuristic parking garage. Its kinda hard to think about this though, because just the idea of this movie is pretty messed up. Its a very strange futuristic thriller, straight to video, yet the special effects arent too bad. I have to admit for a movie I bought previewed for 5 bux, it was worth it. It's definitely worth a watch if your into Futuristic thrillers like I am. Primus- Hallucino-GeneticsOK, for those of you who dont know me. Les Claypool is my idol. This concert is just inspiring, this guy can just play and play, but the thing about it is, he can play all this really crazy shit. It opens up with a flawless version of Sgt. Baker, then right into American Life. I LOVED HOW HE OPENED THIS SHOW!! It was just so perfect. After the first set, they came back out to perform the album Frizzlefry in its entirety. Just wow, If I could have any of the skill this guy has on bass (Im trying), that would just make the rest of my life so sweet. If you like Primus just a tad bit, watch this DVD and youll be addicted. If you hate them. Fuck you.

Massimo T (fr) wrote: An enjoyable film that children and fans of the franchise will love to watch.

Gordon R (br) wrote: A cop must transport a crook 16 blocks. Action happens along the ride there in this fun but familiar action pic.

Deven W (nl) wrote: Visually stunning, well-acted, heartfelt, and a good message

Simon D (gb) wrote: The story is ok if a little basic. The film was ruined by boring scenes of driving and by the fact that the main man was a little annoying. A gimp like him would never pull a ripper like his missus anyway so a bit of mismatched casting thown in too.

Shane D (ag) wrote: Want to know what it's like to work on a Troma movie? Well as insane as this movie is, it's not too far from the truth.

Mark K (nl) wrote: Two big time Star Trek fans meet William Shatner and produce a musical with him. It's better than it sounds, I enjoyed it.

Mike C (jp) wrote: Like a Danish version of "Snatch" or some compare it to "Goodfellas." Maybe not as serious. I got it because I heard Mikkelsen was good. He's always good but this was quite a different role than I'd ever seen from him. Really, I wouldn't have recognized him had I not known it was him.Pretty decent story. A drug dealer continues to fall further and further in debt as things fail to go his way. It's partly his fault, partly circumstance, but he's ultimately responsible for the product or value he has borrowed. Given that it's not an American movie, you're never quite sure how it will end. Another strong exhibit that films out of Denmark are as good as any out there.

Unali W (ag) wrote: Henry Lesser, un hombre de principios y fe en el sistema penitenciario, ingresa como guardia de prisiones en Leavenworth, una de las crceles ms infernales del pas. All conoce a Karl Panzram, un asesino catalogado de irredimible cuya mente est cargada de odio pero que a la vez est dotado de una gran personalidad.

Steve D (fr) wrote: My dad loves it but this movie never worked for me. Shue is good but it is very forgettable

Morris N (nl) wrote: Best stand up comic ever. Brilliant. Way too vulgar for me now, but even so.........

Luke B (de) wrote: Zatoichi and the Chess Expert reminds you of what a great series this really is. It sticks to the tried and tested formula, but adds unforgettable moments of humanity and emotion. Zatoichi, in a first in the series, make a number of mistakes, reminding us that he is human. He loses a chess match, and for once he isn't trying to deceive his opponent. Then, he gets caught off guard, in a scene that has you genuinely worried about his safety. This scuffle also results in a young girl being hurt. Zatoichi's (usually) flawless trickery when betting also goes wrong and for once he dwells on his mistake. In one scene Zatoichi searches through the mud for a box of medicine he has dropped. We can see the box just to his right, but for the first time you feel as though Zatoichi feels beaten by his blindness. There's something desperate in Katsu's performance that displays a new found vulnerability. We are also lucky to have a fantastic "villain" played by the wonderful Narita. He is an intellectual equal, if not a physical one. They begin a friendship that echoes the one in the first film and Narita even offers to be Zatoichi's bodyguard. If this wasn't enough Zatoichi also becomes involved in a complex romance. It's an excellent film in it's own right, pushing out the violence during the middle of the film, in order to focus on character. The editing also really shines in this film, as we see Zatoichi leave a room and slowly go for his sword as Narita goes for his back inside the room. It's a silent moment of pure tension. As part of the series, it is the jolt that it (being the 12th film in the series) really HAD to be.

Emile H (de) wrote: The fortunate thing is the more you try to understand and interpret it, Ridley Scott's misunderstood sci-fi masterpiece can be enjoyed in many versions. The settings are wonderful yet realistic. The imagery is forever itched in everyone's mind, and is surprisingly no different to how it looks now. The characters' interaction to the world around them make for a powerful, if strange, neo-noir epic. Some great quotes from this movie as well, which raises many questions about the prospect of mortality. The ambiguity surrounding much of the film will live forever, ironically unlike some of its own certain subjects.

Paul A (jp) wrote: Brilliant ! Keeps you thinking what next all the way !!!

Thomas P (au) wrote: Solid character study of mob types - witty, slyly humorous, and very intelligent, and the audience knows more than the characters.Brilliant.But no flash or pizzazz, except for the set pieces which are almost mesmerizing, and perfectly done.Everything made sense in the end - it needed just one good twist, surprise, or even scare, but solid and complete for what is here.Worthy.3.5 fedoras out of 5

Joseph B (ru) wrote: Gritty, darkly humored and ber- violent, but very fun flick that is very deserving of a replay or two. I highly recommend it to any horror fan! 8/10

Anthony C (au) wrote: A bloody good film Huzzah

Cameron H (ru) wrote: By the title and premise of Trading Places, one might easily and fairly assume that this is simply about what it would be like for the poor black Valentine (Eddie Murphy) and the white rich Winthorpe (Dan Aykroyd) to trade places. For the first 30 minutes the film takes to establish the premise, that's how it appears. Big-time Philly corporation heads Duke and Duke (Ralph Bellamy and Don Ameche) bet, in a Pygmalion fashion, how their employee Winthorpe and an outside beggar Valentine would handle themselves in the polar opposite situation. That first half-hour was difficult for me to swallow. Not a single character shows any signs of likability or depth. Every person working for, and including, Duke and Duke are white bigots. The cops aren't much better. You can deem this flaw as a product of its time, but really, does every single upper-class person have to be such a snob?Once the premise is in full run, after the characters' initial confusion, we bear witness to what one Duke was betting on. The bet was specifically to see whether Winthorpe and Valentine would adapt to their conditions and a new lifestyle with near immediacy or would remain as confused as they began for however long they could live in the new, unfamiliar environment. To some comedic effect, Valentine adapts himself very well to the life of a stockbroker, while a vengeful Winthorpe finds shelter under the wing of a sweet, but no-nonsense prostitute played by Jamie Lee Curtis. Winthorpe becomes so driven by revenge that he enters his office building as a drunken Santa during a Christmas work party, trying to frame Valentine the same way that Duke and Duke framed him. The premise's result is the saving grace, as every previous joke was either Eddie Murphy being Eddie Murphy or the white people being ignorant. By this stage, I'm no longer focused on the comedy. Although Murphy and Aykroyd had adapted to their environments without any fish-out-of-water shenanigans, they were territorial and selfish from beginning to end. The low-class environment strangely turned the two into more dishonest people than the high-class did. No justification is given or needed. All I need is consistency, and Trading Places has that, up to its ridiculous climax and ending. (The weirdest joke is when a gorilla makes a mysterious business fellow his bitch.) When my focus was away from comedy, I soon felt the laughs, rather than forcing. I only wish that the whole film was this strong.