Paradise Kiss

Paradise Kiss

Hyasaka Yukari only wants one thing: to enter the college that her mom wants. One day, she meets an extravagant group that loves fashion. They were searching for a model and Yukari fits their ideal model. From now Yukari will know the world of fashion and modeling, and what she really wants.

A chance encounter leads Yukari, a burnt out high school student, to a group of dedicated fashion design students. She becomes their model for their graduating exhibition and discovers her talent for modeling. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Munaah K (ca) wrote: Philandering Saif Ali wants to meet a traditional Indian girl to settle down .. Of course, he didn't specify which part of India .. Enter traditional Bihari girl (i.e., uneducated, con-artist and hitwoman), Kareena .. This movie is sooo horrible, its entertaining .. Anil Kapoor plays the Don with a serious craving for all things English .. half his words are in English and the other half in Bihari Hindi (how he managed this and still remained sane is amazing) .. only saving grace were the songs ..

Karl W (us) wrote: This true story is harrowing. Not for the faint at heart.

Amanda H (ag) wrote: This was okay, but really nothing I haven't seen before. While there was more chemistry between the two leads than I expected, it still never completely got off the ground. A decent film, but don't expect anything groundbreaking.

David F (mx) wrote: Excellent documentary about the violent splinter group which broke off of the Students for a Democratic Society determined to "bring the war home" by bombing government buildings like the Pentagon and Capitol in an effort to stop the Vietnam War. Most fascinating for the contemporary interviews with leaders and members of the group who weigh in with their mature assessments of what they did 20 to 30 years ago.

Michael S (kr) wrote: lol, this one cracked me up. I believe it was all unintentional comedy but either way, I was entertained.Who knows if they trailblazed many of the themes in this movie but many of them will be familiar to you if you've seen Hunger Games or Maze Runner.

Eliel L (es) wrote: Comercialmente cursi, sin embargo ofrece un par de momentos genuinamente divertidos. Prcticamente un recuerdo nostlgico que siempre es agradable volver a darle un vistazo.

Kevin R (mx) wrote: That look on your face will turn good whiskey into sour piss In the year 1931, the Yukon is occupied by a trader named Albert Johnson. While wandering the countryside he comes upon a group of dog fighters and decides to purchase the losing dog off the owner. The owner of the dog feels underpaid in the exchange and chases Albert in hopes of extorting more money; unfortunately, during their Rendez-vous, a man is killed by Johnson. The dog seller decides to get the local sheriff involved. Can Albert escape the pursuit of the unsavory dog seller and the noble sheriff? "What are you going to do, Edgar?" "I'm going to close my eyes and pray you disappear." Peter Hunt, director of Shout at the Devil, Wild Geese II, Assassination, and Eyes of a Whiteness, delivers Death Hunt. The storyline for this movie is fairly interesting, primarily due to the time period and settings. The action scenes are also fairly good and the cast delivers their performances well. The cast includes Charles Bronson, Lee Marvin, Carl Weathers, Angie Dickinson, and Andrew Stevens. "Where's headquarters?" "Wherever I'm standing." Charles Bronson has become an actor my wife and I DVR on a regular basis. His films are a bit inconsistent but interesting for the most part. This particular film was quite enjoyable and a bit unpredictable. The action scenes were solid and Lee Marvin and Charles Bronson portrayed their characters perfectly. I recommend seeing this film if you are a fan of 70s/80s action pictures. "Look who just got uncivilized." Grade: B (7.5)

Brett C (us) wrote: Review In A Nutshell:As a male, I am not ashamed to say that I do have an attraction for romantic stories or relationships, even more so if it was handled in such a way that demonstrates excellent chemistry and interesting character development. Love Story is one of those films that feels perfect to me on paper, but once I actually sat down and took in its one hour and 40 minutes, I was for the most part, left unimpressed. A film of this nature relies on the chemistry of its characters, if we are to follow a couple's entire life together; if done poorly, it would leave audiences bored or tired of watching unappealing characters interact on screen. The two central characters in this film are definitely written with enough detail that make them convincingly human, but the execution of fleshing out these characters and their relationship was just too heavy handed. The characters feel like they are trying too hard to impress its audience with their intelligent quirks and the films seems to try so hard to balance out sentimentality with pretentious romance in an off-balance beat. It also did not help that Ali MacGraw's performance was pushy, especially in regards to her delivery of dialogue. Ryan O'Neal thankfully does a decent job in the role, playing his role with a bit of ease, making it much easier to like his character. Right from the beginning, the film informs its audience that Jenny, MacGraw's character passes away; which to me is not a spoiler because it plainly tells you right from the get-go. Love Story attempts so forcefully to create tearful drama, but by the time misfortune strikes, I felt nothing for the characters that are suffering; the same goes for the clich dysfunctional relationship between Oliver and his father, which lingers almost throughout the entire film. Films like Terms of Endearment achieves effortlessly that Love Story simply was unable to grasp; managing to tell a melodramatic tale and blending it with romantic elements, that rarely leaves one cringing and instead places them in a state of genuine sadness and admiration. Love Story is not a catastrophe but it does come close; it is thankfully saved by O'Neal's natural performance and the memorable musical score by Francis Lai.

Kevin R (jp) wrote: Death awaits.Peter heads back to the home of his family. His family history includes an evil Baron who tortured and mutilated people until the people finally fought back and brutally killed him. There are rumors the Baron's ghost still haunts the mansion. When Peter's actions accidentally release the ghost, he compounds the mistake by destroying the manuscript to stop the ghost. Will Peter survive his family research?"Do you believe it was the Baron?""I believe it could have been."Mario Bava, director of Black Sunday, A Bay of Blood, The Evil Eye, Hercules in the Underworld, 5 Dolls for an August Moon, Planet of the Vampires, and Black Sabbath, delivers Baron Blood. The storyline for this picture is classic 70s horror with some eerie and interesting horror sequences. The cast delivers average performances and includes Joseph Cotton, Elke Sommer, and Massimo Girotti."It was a foolish thing you did."I came across the Mario Bava collection on Netflix and decided to give this a viewing. I will say that it was entertaining and fun to watch unfold. It would fit perfectly in the grindhouse/drive-in genre. This isn't a classic, but worth viewing for fans of the horror genre from this era."Mortals are such fools."Grade: C

Jeff B (br) wrote: A true story that in the telling conveys to the viewership the suffering of our brave soldiers and that they don't suffer alone, for the effects or war are felt by all they come home to. This film can be seen, in a way, a training for civilians, an awareness program that goes beyond mere entertainment, important in its message and impact for all families and communities that take in their vets. Many have complained about the film being disjointed, that there's a problem with the ending, and other issues. But one must remember that this is not fiction, it is based in fact, and, to a great degree, the film stays true to the original story. It begins as a nice romance, engagingly played by Firth and Kidman, but soon turns raw as Lomax's (Firth) trauma is made evident. And the only way it is resolved is by a chance meeting with his great tormentor, Nagase. At their encounter the only thing holding Lomax back from killing Nagase is his love for Patti, his wife. It's as if the universe has sent her and Nagase to fulfil his promise made to his friend Finlay (Stellan Skarsgard, who also gives a great performance, as per usual) that they would survive the prison camp, return to England and live. But for many years they do nothing of the sort, only existing day by day reliving the horrific events restricting any and all joy. But it is Patti's love and providence that brings Lomax his eventual peace as tormented forgives tormentor. An important and well played film stem to stern.

Steve L (br) wrote: Absolutely terrible acting -- worst I've ever seen. Story line would be great if it were not for the terrible execution by the "actors"

Harsh C (fr) wrote: Unrealistic and tries to be too symbolic and arty