Paradise Lost 3: Purgatory

Paradise Lost 3: Purgatory

A further investigation into the arrest of three teenagers convicted of killing three young boys in Arkansas who spent nearly 20 years in prison before being released after new DNA evidence indicated they may be innocent.

A further followup of the case of the West Memphis Three and the decades long fight to exonerate them that finally gained traction with new DNA evidence. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Rick F (mx) wrote: Beautiful movie. Not for everyone, but because I like character driven films, this one did it for me. Love the bleakness, the cultural differences illustrated between a working class white woman and the native americans living on a nearby reservation in northern New York state. At times it was even suspenseful! Plot revolves around how this woman gets involved in a human trafiking ring run by the native Americans who are smuggling mostly Chinese people from across the river in Canada to the US.

Linda N (jp) wrote: Fun vampire movie. You'll recognize lots of faces.

Zachary Y (ca) wrote: original and quirky.

erik a (ca) wrote: Looks fantasy to me, but you'll never know, good movie....

WS W (kr) wrote: An exploration off marginal cultures (ethnic minority, homosexuality, transvestite) in Australia.

Philip B (mx) wrote: Interesting material presented slowly and boringly. A shame really, because the material is really interesting.

Joss D (it) wrote: good cast and decent performances but mawkish and cliched.

Justin B (fr) wrote: The series gets even worse. Cheeseball schlock with even less of the emotional side that was present in the original film.

Yahya A (ag) wrote: I couldn't sleep without finishing the movie ..less talk with a lot of drama

George R (kr) wrote: What a is a study in boardroom personality. Pits differing personalities against each other. Not much action, but great interaction among the players. Best quote: "what do you mean they're supposed to think of us when they buy it?"

Matt M (us) wrote: A group of soldiers, stranded on an island, plot the assassination of a rival general. During their permanence on the island, they also have to protect their own sanity. The story is very restrictive, and there is not much even the early genius Kubrick can do with it, but show off a certain visual style that is quite rewarding and draws inspiration from the filmmaker's photographic experience,

Jessie C (fr) wrote: This was a confusing, yet highly important, one to watch. I have to say that I haven't watched a silent film in a long time so adjusting to the many, many differences was a struggle. I found the captions to be really lacking in clarity. I appreciate the beauty of their writing but I'm not really trying to decode poetry when watching a silent epic, you know? It's not even that, really, it was the constant introduction of new names without describing who they were or what the hell their problem was. I was under the impression that the captions would describe what was about to happen, but really they just introduced it, which meant that I understood a bit of what was happening before their mouths kept moving and their arms started flailing and fights started happening and I was lost again. I definitely wish I had a historian in my room just quietly explaining where these ancient cities were and why everyone was so upset all the time. I could Google it while watching but I have a strict rule against touching my phone while a movie is on. Try to read up on the context surrounding the story before watching if you can.Anyway, the sets were grand even by today's standards and that impressed me a lot. Even the special effects they utilized were outstanding, because at that time in cinema, they weren't special effects as much as they were visual tricks that the filmmakers had to figure out and pioneer on their own essentially. I really liked the Maciste character and I wasn't surprised to find that he was extremely popular when this movie came out, too. The naked children everywhere and live birds flying around a set that is actively crumbling and in flames was bananas! It made me wonder how many people/animals died on sets back before there were regulations. The story had many complexities to it and that was cool. It definitely deserves it's title as an epic. It is not an easy watch, but it is a worthwhile one. No doubt it was piloted by a strong plot. I agree with the many others who have said that this is a must-see for people who truly love film. I definitely recommend it and am happy to have it in my movie collection.

Becca A (gb) wrote: Adam... When you wake up in the morning, Pooh, what's the first thing you say to yourself?I say, "What's for breakfast?" What do you say, Piglet?I say... I say... "I wonder what's going to happen exciting today."You remembered.Oh, Adam. Adam. I remember. I remember. I remember... Adam. My Adam.

Mark S (mx) wrote: It's about a shy, unworldly and awkward lady with a propensity for Sheldon Cooper styled cleanliness who gets caught is a type of Catfish hoax that works out for her. It's very slow moving and I fell asleep twice while rewatching it. It's very predictable with little drama worth only a one time viewing.