Paragon, gola!

Paragon, gola!

Paragon, a young teen and the best and smartest boy on the backyard football (soccer) team, and his adventures. He escapes in a stolen canoe and doesn't drown, there's trouble with the ...

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Austin G (ag) wrote:'s still funny. Dumb plot. Lame effects. Way too long. You'd be better off watching Kickassia again. But! It's still absolutely hilarious at times.

Jackie W (nl) wrote: This is all Ive heard about since Mackinah got home...!!!

Nathan H (mx) wrote: A ham performance from Keira Knightley which is unintentionally hilarious, and equally annoying, made the already dreary movie, grate even more

Douglas L (mx) wrote: Worth a watch. Nice to see Johnny Rico back and they're fighting the bugs again. People complained about this one too, but what you have to realize, this had maybe 1/5th of the budget the first one had. The religious tone of this movie I think could throw some people off from it, I found it tiresome, but it didn't make the movie horrible. The CG was really bad, but you could see they didn't have much to work with. Overall, like I said, worth a watch.

Brendan P (de) wrote: Wow Wesley Snipes' career is really struggling. It seems that with the exception of the "Blade" movies all of his other flicks either premiere on TV or go direct-to-video like this one. I was a huge fan of Wesley's when I was younger and, for the most part, I still enjoy his work. This film is no exception, I found "Unstoppable" quite entertaining and fun to watch. It's a mistaken identity movie with no real twists, which is one thing I really liked about it. Snipes is an ex-special forces member who's last mission went bad and haunts him to this day. Mistaken for a rogue FBI agent, he gets injected with a hallucinogenic drug that makes him relive his regretful past and makes it hard for him to figure out who's on his side and who's his enemy. Since through most of the movie he's on the drug and can be easily manipulated so there isn't much of a kick-butt hero persona coming from Snipes' end that you see to the highest degree in "Blade," which doesn't bother me any. The real [email protected]$# in this movie is in the form of Jacqueline Obradors (NYPD Blue) who portrays Snipes' girl friend/cop who takes no crap from any one and is willing take on the bad guys and the FBI in order to help Snipes. With good character actors like Stuart Wilson, Kim Coates, and Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje giving great support in smaller roles you get a strong result from a weak script. Although not my favorite, and by no means a classic, this flick is good entertainment for a night with nothing to do.

Dave J (fr) wrote: Tuesday, May 29, 2012 (1992) City Hunter (In Chinese with English subtitles) ACTION/ COMEDY Comical and very funny movie adaption of the popular Japanese animation of the same name has Jackie Chan playing Ryu a skirt chasing detective confronting clashing with some terrorists hijacking a cruiseline. Directed by Wong Jing of many popular Hong Kong expoitation movies including "The God Of Gambler" films. This is one of few films that cannot be enjoyed unless it's watched in it's original dialect. The Street Fighter video game was originally entertaining and something I've never seen before, and the Bruce Lee dedication scene to defeat the very tall terrorist goon was an instant classic. 3.5 out of 4

Xavier M (de) wrote: Awesome movie! Great chemistry with Mel G. and Danny G

Javier S (fr) wrote: Alguna ve he hecho algo similar en mi vida, cada vez que vea esta pelicula, voy a acordarme de las 8 horas que forme fila por paul mccartney..

Blais E (gb) wrote: Another entry in the perpetually long-lived and enjoyable Godzilla movie saga, again brought to us by those fine folks at Japan's Toho Studios. In this outing, the Big G must contend with his equally-formidable robotic twin, Mecha-Godzilla (Who would later appear countless times-), a bad-tempered automaton that shoots rays and laser beams out of darn-near every orifice, sponsored by surly, ape-like aliens (In some really shoddy, flea-bitten monkey-masks!) Hell-bent on dominating Earth (A favorite theme repeatedly used throughout the Big Lizard's many adventures-). Once Godzy is assisted in the battle by the comically-kinetic and benign King Caesar, a gigantic Lion-Dog concoction (Actually based on the "Shisa", a beloved deity from Japanese foklore-), the s**t really hits the fan in one of the most humorously-orchestrated and frantically-paced brouhahas in the whole of the Godzilla film canon. Loads of mindless fun.

J K (ru) wrote: William, it was really nothing. Sometimes you see a film that is so spot on you wish you had watched it earlier, if only it could have revealed even more in repeated viewings.For me "Billy Liar" was one of those films. It tells the story of William Fisher, a young man bored with life as he sees it around him. He attempts to break up the drudgery, fictional or not, by making up stories to explain his surroundings in a more pleasant context. Sometimes the stories he makes up are just personal fantasies in his head, other times they're an elaborate ruse to dupe people with varying degrees of malice and success.I couldn't disagree more with a previous reviewer who said this movie deals in dated themes of escapism and power fantasy, somehow related only to and buried in '60s England. The struggle with identity alone that William encounters is arguably more important now than ever in the age of online identity, with rapidly shifting perceptions and loose definitions of self.Indecision is the theme here. The angst William feels with a foot in the door, almost literally; living with his parents and 'engaged' to two women at once, he clearly wants many things but can never quite dive in.Commitment is an elusive thing then. For example: when William & Barbara (fiancee #1) are walking through a graveyard discussing their future together, she is clearly excited by their prospects and looks to the right of frame with lots of open space between her and the viewer. He on the other hand is looking the other way, closing off the left side of the shot with little space and shutting us out. This small shot is masterfully set up and conveys his emotions so well without saying a word.Overall a great movie, reminiscent in some respects to Ozu's work on family, dealing with both sides but ultimately being motivated by self interest, then remorse and regret for it (ironically out of self interest). If you've ever wanted to just hit the reset button on life or wished you could start every day with a blank page then this is your movie.

Greg W (mx) wrote: change of pace expertly handled by director anthony mann ('johnny guitar" also i love the scoring of this movie esp the most effective use of the xylophone!