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Andrea L (us) wrote: I liked it, but I didn't like seeing that old enemy again.

D M (gb) wrote: Judah Friedlander and Henry Rollins are part of a motley group of small town bar patrons holed up in a tavern trying to defend themselves from a family of monsters. The monsters relentlessly attack and are successful in killing many of the people. Some funny stuff, an annoying soundtrack, and too much of that shaky-cam effect which was popular 10 years ago.

Ryan D (ca) wrote: It may be the greatest documentary I've ever seen.

Kevin N (ru) wrote: This was first a play, and I think that its subject matter probably suits that artform better than film. There were a lot of things that I liked about the movie, but they were all small things- little details, tiny moments. It's a film that hinges on four characterizations Though they are never stated explicitly, they are Marilyn Monroe, Joseph McCarthy, Albert Einstein and Joe DiMaggio. These performances range from pretty good to godawful, the worst being Theresa Russell, who walks a painful medium between trying so hard to (badly) impersonate Monroe and morphing the persona into something else entirely. It is a terrible performance- weightless, exaggerated and forced. I think the best of the bunch is probably Gary Busey, who plays DiMaggio. He is sporadic and has a violent edge to him, and he manages to really steal some scenes. I've always though of Nic Roeg as a "body director", someone who is in his element when his characters' mouths are shut. He examines the human body the same way he does animals in 'Walkabout', with a primitive desire to see it as something organic. He goes away from that here, satisfied instead to let the half-baked dialogue carry the film. The film is most interesting in its finale, where Einstein imagines the physical power his thought process carries, and we see an explosive fantasy, perhaps his own guilty conscious, photographed exquisitely by Peter Hannan. But the film doesn't earn such a heavy final scene, and at nearly two hours it feels sluggish and, well, insignificant.

Joan O (nl) wrote: Fun to watch John Carradine, Lon Chaney Jr. and Boris Karloff do their thing!!! Especially when Boris throws John under the bus (in this case cart).

Dillon L (gb) wrote: a lot better then people give it credit for but compared to the first two it's not very good