Paramanandayya Shishyula Katha

Paramanandayya Shishyula Katha


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:1966
  • Language:Telugu
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:hindu mythological,  

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Paramanandayya Shishyula Katha torrent reviews

Eliabeth B (br) wrote: Outstanding - suspenseful - well written, acted and filmed - great noir work

Mia M (fr) wrote: Pretty-Good movie; hyped-up more than it should have been but, all-in-all a tolerable movie.

Subhashini S (ru) wrote: watched this hindi flick last night and really liked it ..reminded me of the old struggle times :) actually it's a really simple, honest movie...but yes to make it to a hit , probably it needed a better second half, better twists and a better script :) I wud recommend this flick to anyone who likes simple movies, dance or shahid bunny face :D

Kay O (us) wrote: I loved it! The dance at is difficult to say who did it better? The teacher remebering her passion for dance in a dingy dance hall or the student blossoming with love and talent.....Akie's fave movie too.....

Cey M (de) wrote: this is really good movie i like it so funny and very cool julia is really good actress

Bil U (nl) wrote: Fantastically funny black comedy. Full of one liners. You'll never listen to downtown in the same way!

TheLords A (br) wrote: So as I said during my intro to the first movie, I saw this movie first a long time ago. So here's how this movie turned out seeing it again with me being now older and wiser when it comes to viewing films. Plot: Charlie meets his friend Itchy in Heaven after he died chocking on a drumstick. While Itchy loves Heaven, Charlie has grown over it and wants to go back to Earth. But then Charlie's old enemy Carface steals Gabriel's Horn - the horn used to open the gates of heaven for recently dead dogs to enter - Charlie volunteers to go down to Earth to retrieve it. So he goes down to Earth with Itchy to find the Horn, but along the way, Charlie find this attractive female dog named Sasha who is trying to help an eight year old boy named David to find his family, so he decides to try to help them to try to win Sasha's heart. this didn't really turn out as good as I thought it was. Some of the animation isn't too swell, especially with animating Red. I just thought he was kind of half done in a sense as far as design. And sometimes the tone was a little too light. I mean that when it comes to the setting, but I mean that with some of the animation too. Especially with heaven. I mean Heaven may be a wonderful bright place, but they made it so bright that even the dogs were made in really bright colors. Now as for the story itself, it has plenty of plot holes and issues to go through. *WARNING SPOILERS* For example, I didn't think of this stuff much until I read/watched these comments, but the Dues ex machina effect of Gabriel's horn is dumb, I don't get why Itchy couldn't go back to Earth (I mean he probably would've declined the offer anyway considering he loves Heaven, but still), and how Charlie was allowed only one miracle. And what I easily thought didn't make sense was how there where no guards or enchantments to protect the horn in heaven. I mean sure the lack of guards technically makes sense considering the whole "dogs are so loyal" thing that is brought up in the first movie and that they apparently have never had a dog like Carface in heaven before, but still, a few enchantments to keep it safe wouldn't hurt. And finally, it wouldn't make sense for Charlie and Itchy to be invisible and need the collars in the first place, because since they're looking for the horn and possibly would need to be visible to ask around or to ask for help in finding it, I feel they should've been able to be invisible or visible by will to make searching for it easier. *END OF SPOILERS* But to be honest, I do like the story better. I mean sure the story in the first one had some points despite not being very original when it comes to Charlie conning Anne-Marie, but I while the villain wasn't too special, I liked some of the aspects of the story such as the main character wanting a little more and how there's a villain that's trying to do an evil plot that has to do with doing something against heaven because that sounded more interesting in the dark and suspenseful kind of way. Sure it didn't end up as dark and supenseful as I remembered, but I still like the idea of what it was suppose to be. Characters: Charlie: I thought I was going to like Charlie more in this movie considering he's not conning someone only to end up really caring for them. I mean sure it was that way here too but it wasn't as...well easily displayed as it was in the first movie if you will. But did I like him better then he was in the first?...yes but not by much. He is better in the sense that he has a more big grand adventure kind of thing going on, but at the end of the day, he comes out more as a really big stupid jerk. So I didn't really care for him as a character. Itchy: Well you have to like him easily because he's Dom Deluise. But you also have to pity him. I mean he's the more serious and common sensed one, but he keeps getting ignored and pushed over. I think regardless of either movie, you really have to pity him. Music: The music was not that good. I mean many people have pointed out how Charlie's talking and singing voice are not that similar at all. But even then, most of the songs where not that good at all. "It's too Heavenly Here" had a decent ring to it when Charlie actually sings the title, but then it changed from being all calm and quite to all of the sudden being all loud and exciting which kind of ruined it. I feel like if it stayed calm and quite and only went a little exciting when it got to talking about what Charlie wants and a little more work on some odds and ends, it could've been a really decent song. "It Feels So Good To Be Bad"...just was not all that good straight off the bat. "I Will Always Be With You" was not very original and "Easy Street"...just didn't care for it. And that's my review for All Dogs Go to Heaven 2. I liked the story when it came to the general outline of it being better then the first, but on a whole, the animation, setting music and some of the characters were just not that well done.

DONNA J (gb) wrote: Synopsis: Romantic drama about a young career girl (Mary Stuart Masterson) who is swept off her feet by a shy florist (Christian Slater), who fell in love with her after one glimpse through a shadowy window. Starring: Pamela Segall, Christian Slater, Josh Brolin, Mary Stuart Masterson Directed by: Michael Goldenberg

Evan K (ru) wrote: I thought this was quite good actually, and seems to be pretty underrated. Bates is even better in this than 'Misery,' although I've never been the biggest fan of the movie and book. This film was actually probably better than the book, which was pretty decent. Jason Leigh works great in her small, subdued portions.

Lady B (ru) wrote: i expected so much more

Dylan K (fr) wrote: This early 90's horror anthology did not age well. Blondie is in it and Steve Buscemi, who even as it says in the movie's description is bug-eyed. He uses a mummy to kill Christian Slater and Julianne Moore. It gets worse from there.

El U (kr) wrote: i love the showdown at the end and Peace is cool.

Tim S (ag) wrote: I could watch David Carradine and Ronny Cox sing duets all day, especially when it is being filmed by Haskell Wexler. The film looks beautiful and is more about Guthrie's music and its roots (almost a pre-cursor to Haynes' Bob Dylan bio-pic). The problem is that the movie rambles too much and ends too quickly, wrapping up too nicely for my taste. Carradine and Cox give amazing performances, but the film falls a little short.

Lucas G (it) wrote: Requiem for a Dream is a great movie with a talented cast, in which Ellen Burstyn shines the most.

bill s (it) wrote: Just another smoltzie blubbering melodrama.

Nick B (gb) wrote: Hate to see this movie get such a poor score, it deserves better. The soundtrack that goes with the shots is great, along with the characters being funny every now and then. It captures the adventure feeling and makes you think "wow, this is something I should do with my mates" The movie captures the freedom and mateship perfectly. Who wouldn't want to live out what happened in the movie?