Chloe Keane is an stressed American fashion model living in London who is about to have the worst weekend of her life. She and her boyfriend are invited to attend a party at the house of a former rock-star named Stan and his weird family who live in the countryside. Chloe awakes the next morning only to find her boyfriend has abandoned her at Stan's house and she has been drugged and handcuffed to the bed.

The stressed top model Chloe is invited by an acquaintance to a dinner party with some friends of his in a house far from London. She faints and when she wakes up, everybody has left the ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Paranoid torrent reviews

Samuel H (ru) wrote: Jiro is a sad sad man, who fails to give affirmation to his sons, BUT he is a master at what he does. The cinematography and the story make Jiro Dreams of Sushi an excellent documentary that is certainly worth a watch. It's almost as well made as Jiro's sushi!

Chris Q (ca) wrote: Pretty bad but I love Tom Hanks so it's hard for me to give this a low rating. I feel bad for it therefore I kinda like it. Probably one of my guilty pleasures.

Pascal L (de) wrote: Le livre tait surement intressant...

Sgt C (kr) wrote: (42%) A very average Australian mystery drama that waves a physiological horror flag early on but is really not one at all. Susan Sarandon improves the film overall with a fine performance, but really there is not a lot else to this decent, yet far from brilliant film.

Leena L (mx) wrote: Not sure why, but I liked this. Scott Caan as a tough guy, reminded me of his father in another mafia story decades earlier :) And Alec Baldwin, bold and rude, yet entertaining.

Jaime A (gb) wrote: Boring,not scary and just plain dump.

Julien E (kr) wrote: le 0.5, c'est parce qu'on ne peut pas y mettre un 0! C'est tellement mauvais, sur tous les points! Rien d'intressant, une merde l'tat pure!

Tony M (ca) wrote: This film was ok - 3 stars.

Gavin P (ca) wrote: A decent war movie, although, as always, no where near as good as the novel. Sure, Billy's supposed to jump to different times/places, but it happens more effectively in the book. And I felt like ~90% of this film was sent during WWII, whereas only ~65% of the book was. No real humour showed through, but the horrors of war certainly did. Without Billy's internal narration, a lot is certainly lost in translation. Oh well - "And so it goes"!

Tayler D (gb) wrote: I liked it but very scary

Frank P (ag) wrote: I really need to stop procrastinating watching movies because of review scores as I really loved this flick. The start of ALOFT is a little confusing, however, if you keep focused and pay attention, you are definitely rewarded with a very thought provoking, beautiful film. The ending and much of the story leave a lot untold, and that could possibly annoy some. I feel that to answer these questions would really tarnish the artistic merit of the film. And that's what ALOFT is, a piece of art. Cillian Murphy and Jennifer Connelly pull off great performances, maybe even their best. Not many actors could make this film work and they (and the others) definitely make it work. The film is also very well shot if your one for atmosphere, ALOFT has it in spades. This is definitely one of the more depressing movies I've seen. Definitely don't watch if you are expecting a happy ending or happy anything. If you want to see that, watch a Hollywood blockbuster. I never write reviews, I just felt I had to write this as I really enjoyed the film plus the fact that is got horrendously terrible reviews. Disclaimer - I'm a huge Cillian Murphy fan.