Paranormal Activity 3

Paranormal Activity 3

In 1988, evil begins to terrorize young sisters Katie and Kristi for the first time when an invisible entity resides in their home.

In 1988, young sisters Katie and Kristi befriend an invisible entity who resides in their home. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Phil M (au) wrote: An intriguing & inspiring story idea completely ruined by terrible writing, worse acting and absolutely abyssmal camera work & direction.

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Scott T (ru) wrote: Love Gilliam. Can see his promise all over this movie but it misses more than it hits in all honesty. It has all over Gilliam/Monty Python's madcap brilliance, quirky characters, extreme close ups, unusal camera angles, comedic gore, grotty medieval setting, top costumes, a naive looking Michael Palin and ace jokes. The knights playing hide and seek was genius. A lot of the jokes and characters arc's are done better in other movies (even Python's other movies - boy pulled into a great adventure that he really doesn't belong in - Life of Brian anybody?) the majority of the jokes just aren't funny (but when they are they are top notch) and the Jabberwocky at the end looks laughably bad now. Just watch it's wobbly feet! Glad I've seen it but it's definitely one of the poorer Gilliam/Python efforts.

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