Paranormal Activity 4

Paranormal Activity 4

It has been five years since the disappearance of Katie and Hunter, and a suburban family witness strange events in their neighborhood when a woman and a mysterious child move in.

It has been five years since the disappearance of Katie and Hunter, and a suburban family witness strange events in their neighborhood when a woman and a mysterious child move in. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Adam T (it) wrote: Stacy Title's 'The Bye Bye Man' (2017) is the funniest comedy I've watched in a long time. I know this film is supposed to be a horror film, but throughout, I was in hysterics watching this poorly acted monstrosity. Honestly though, I'd recommend 'The Bye Bye Man' if you want to laugh at an awful film that fails on most levels. The only slightly redeeming feature is Doug Jones' performance, he does his job effectively, though the film surrounding his performance is pathetic.

david w (kr) wrote: Hack job version of one of the greatest cult horror films of all time. Not terrible for a horror movie, but a b grade spinoff at best. Acting was strong for some characters and absolutely laughable for others. Temper your expectations because nothing lives up to the original.

Ben D (br) wrote: By number 4 in the franchise the dead-rot has finally set in. There is almost nothing to admire here.

Ante P (fr) wrote: Very funny Chinese comedy. Stephen Chow is the most popular Chinese comedian, and it's not that hard to see why. Alongside "God of cookery", this is his funniest movie. See it!!!

Matthew J (nl) wrote: Stupid, annoying and really really un-watchable.

Do you even Jay C (au) wrote: *THE OFFICIAL BETTER THAN JUNO SEAL*Okay, I have a fanboyish love for this film, so it is in the same vein as Mission Impossible. However, I just love this film too much to give it a 6, which it would earn had I not grown up with this film. Arachnophobia is a tribute to creature features of the 80s, 60s, and 50s. NOTE: I left out the 70s cause none of the best creature features came out then. This Spielberg produced horrorshow! is enough to bring nostalgia to those who loved paying for a ticket to go see Godzilla, Alien, or the Creature from the Black Lagoon, though I wasn't alive when those films came into conception. However, we've all at least heard of those films. It's a great film to watch on a Friday night when you just want to be entertained and some scares. I may as well reveal a secret of mine.....I have a mild form of arachnophobia, so yeah, it does kind of creep me out when the scene where the spider crawls in her shower...Arachnophobia is about a two spiders, who come together and breed. They create the ultimate deadly, poison-filled arachnid to ever walk the Earth. It's bite is known to kill people in mere minute. Of course like most spiders, one was not born. Millions of this deadly species was created and it. And thank god that this spider is located in Venezuela....Phew! Unfortunately, due to the lack of care, many of the spiders venture onto the cargo ship. And they make their way to a modern SoCal suburb. They venture into the town and cause mayhem. So enter Jeff Daniels' character, Dr. Ross Jeninings. He escaped the big city to avoid the many dangers of it, and settled in the small town. After a recent string of deaths, he's nearly losing his mind at trying to find out what is going on! Oh, and to make things much more interesting...Ross has a severe case of Arachnophobia, hence the title. First off, let me say that Jeff Daniels is a great actor when he's not trying to do comedy. Of course, the film is semi-comedic, but it also is supposed to have it's moments of drama. Of course Jeff isn't really trying to be funny, which could lead to many people thinking he's rather one-note in the role. However, he gets the job done here and it's good. It's also really hard to watch a comedy about spiders when there are so many crawly scenes, namely the shower and popcorn scenes, which made me become tense when I was about to take the shower the next day. The film is simply thrilling, though. The characters, or at least Jeff Daniels', were likable enough for me to care for what happens to them. It's chilling at times when you realize that this could very well happen to you. I mean, think of all the deadly spiders they have found, and then think of the ones that haven't been found. I wouldn't recommend this film to those who have real arachnophobia. I'm not talking about those people who say they have it, but is unfazed by the site of it. I'm talking those people who have real panic attacks at the very time they see one. This film is pretty humorous at times. But when they get to the spider attacks, it can be a little too much for the arachnophobic people to take. For those brave enough or at least have no fear of those eight legged freaks, I can see you getting by this film quite easily and enjoying your time. However, I've warn you arachnophobes. This is not for you.The overall acting in this film is great. Jeff Daniels of course can do no wrong, except Dumb and Dumber and the apparent sequel. He's quite charming as the arachnophobic doc, who wants to know more about the recent slew of deaths. John Goodman comes in a small, but important, role as the exterminator to take out the spiders. Let me say, that he's pretty much the show stealer. His character is funny and likable all around. Of course, the rest of the cast is charming in their own way.

Simon P (ag) wrote: I love this film! Pure 80's gold, camp slasher movie that more than makes up for its lack of actual slashing with some beautifully amusing weirdness and the greatest final scene in horror film history. I will also just add that the fact this film did not win (or even get nominated for) the Oscar for Best Costume Design is an utter disgrace!

Abhishek C (jp) wrote: It is probably the best Hindi comedy movie ever.. Very natural acting and loads of laughter every minute. Even better than half ticket and Gol Maal.

SexiVixxEN (de) wrote: lol,I saw this omn a school bus trip to the library in like 3rd grade.

Art S (it) wrote: This early Billy Wilder film (written with Charles Brackett) takes place in Egypt during WWII with Stroheim as Rommel. He makes a tough egotistic and possibly neurotic Nazi. Franchot Tone plays the Brit who gets mistaken for a double agent and finds himself able to find out about Rommel's secret plans and pass them along to the Allies. The whole story takes place in a run-down old hotel in the middle of the desert run by Akim Tamiroff (playing Egyptian) and Anne Baxter (playing French). It's more fun than suspenseful but it is also pointed propaganda (allowing Wilder to avoid the sappy happy ending that seems to be coming). Uh, spoiler (but not if you know Wilder).

Christian A (ru) wrote: I would say this is a perfect movie, everything was spot on. The story was perfectly paced and felt authentic, the acting was done brilliantly, and the atmosphere was dark and daunting. The first movie was great, but this movie was brilliant.

Akash S (fr) wrote: A sweet little romantic film based on Roald Dahl's book. A retired elderly man pursuing the affections of his elderly neighbour; it's a charming movie, filled with tortoises acting as catalysts in their love story. Dustin Hoffman and Dame Judi Dench can surely captivate us all by themselves, even at this age. James Corden's narration is commendable. For most of it, the film is delightful but forgettable, but the I really loved the last five minutes; the sweet reveal is sure to leave a smile on one's face.