Pardesi Babu

Pardesi Babu

Pardesi Babu 1998

Raju Pardesi lives a poor lifestyle in a village with his cruel step-mother, and decides to re-locate to Mumbai to better his life. Upon arrival he is received by his friend, Happy Singh, ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Arianna J (jp) wrote: Honestly I couldn't get passed the first few minutes of this film. Documentary style on a couple's second marriage? Completely uninteresting and ridiculous.

Chris N (ca) wrote: One of 2012's most underrated films.

Melea P (br) wrote: Will I ever see a movie the Debi has not already seen??

Romeo H (nl) wrote: Two complete strangers visit Tokyo, living their empty lives, but as they cross paths, the possibilities are limitless, making this film one of the sweetest, romance-comedy in years, thanks to touching and natural performances from Bill Murray and Scarlett Johansson.

Brian C (ag) wrote: An introspective film that embodies the soul of modern China, commenting on the changes the country is experiencing and the growing rural-urban divide. Beijing Bicycle is masterful in countless ways; the movie has deft long takes/ camera work, but success more on a simplistic plot with complex themes. We follow the exploits of country boy Guel, who naively and innocently explores the China he no longer recognizes. There is also Jian, a city kid whose penis envy and obsession with having a bicycle shows the higher social status connected with the ownership of a bike, emphasizing not only the practically of this mode of transportation in modern Beijing, but the continuing urbanization of the Asia giant. Loss of innocence is apparent in the portrayal of juvenile delinquency, but there are still signs of hope, as the most unlikely of circumstances creates a bond of understanding between the most unlikely of friends.

Mandi B (jp) wrote: yes need to watch it!!!

Amos F (gb) wrote: A rather depressing movie. I think it goes a little too fast in the beginning, but I see now that it was trying to concentrate on his life as an old man now coming to terms with his demons (Nazi propaganda guy).

Brendan S (us) wrote: What a terrible movie

Michelle C (br) wrote: I'm sure the fact that I got a liberal arts degree made me like this movie more than others might. It's a rather pensive drama, with very light comedic touches. I really liked it, and will blog about it, for sure!

Iain B (kr) wrote: No need for the drama in this docudrama as all the drama is in the documentary

Fong K (de) wrote: Charlie Kaufman's directorial debut is a perplexing and imaginative exposition on death, solipsism, doppelgngers, the Cotard syndrome, the Capgras delusion, anima et cetera. So crowded are the themes of psychology, it requires repeated sessions to have a reasonable psychoanalysis.

Paula L (it) wrote: Very similar to the first one although this time the story focus more on the owner of the hotel.

Ryan T (ru) wrote: Aronofsky delivers a true gem that's gritty, well acted, and all too real. Any film that can make such a unique character so relatable and make you feel for them while giving you a suspenseful ending deserves some kudos.