Rich momma's boy Wade Kingsley Jr. an Eastern dude, tries to follow in his murdered father's footsteps by returning to the West to partner up with Slim Moseley Jr.,the son of his father's former partner. Wade overcomes Slim's initial reluctance to accept him by using his fortune to buy a prize cow and new car to help Slim in his job as foreman on the Kingsley family ranch, currently under siege by a gang of outlaws called "masked raiders." Wade generously tries to pay off the ranch's mortgage with $15,000 of his own money, but unfortunately neither "pardner" realizes that respected banker Dan Hollis, the son of their fathers' murderer, is the leader of the gang.

A rich momma's boy returns west with the son of his murdered father's partner to foil a gang trying to gain control of his family ranch. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Pardners torrent reviews

Aric H (fr) wrote: The worst, most laughable attempt at a horror movie ever. Just like the piss poor visuals that were most likely filmed on a camcorder, nothing about this movie is remotely good.

Chris T (ru) wrote: I couldn't get past how very stupid the lead character was. Then something happened that explained a few things, but I had already spent a lot of time yelling at the screen. Still, I'm glad I watched it to the end.

Jennifer G (mx) wrote: I just really liked that two-second bit where Remus Lupin, Matthew Crawley and the Doctor were all in one frame.

Thiago B (us) wrote: Linda historia, baseado em fatos reais.

awes t (mx) wrote: well done. thought provoking.

Leo K (kr) wrote: Great production work on this meaningful story. However, the main storyline of the movie was way too boring for me to concentrate. Totally a waste of the well-performed cast and production team. I'd be more than happy to see another movie by the cast and crew, but this one is still a "NO" for me.

Carlos D (ru) wrote: it's very interesting to watch all these fundamentalist churchgoers playing god while reinforcing their roots of bigotry,hate,judgmentalism and homophobia at the same time...I guess,in the end,THEY ARE THE FREAKS.

Samantha S (au) wrote: very direct-to-video quality

Rayane E (kr) wrote: The most emotional movie I ever watched , It's a metaphor about slavery ..

Maurice D (it) wrote: Brilliant, dazzling, beautiful and poignant. An in-depth study of a complex and conflicted character. Wonderful stuff. Use of colour, black and white, and montage is stylish and slick and works brilliantly. Anthony Hopkins is superb as Nixon. A must see.

Brett H (au) wrote: Rocky 5 is the complete downfall of the series featuring a weak story, phoned-in performances, questionable character moments and even Stallone himself has admitted it's terrible and the low-point of the franchise. It really isn't a Rocky movie at all; he never once steps in the ring and instead trains a new up-and-coming fighter named, Tommy Gunn (played by real-life fighter, Tommy Morrison), who intrudes too far into Rocky's life to where he ends up neglecting his son, Rocky Jr, played fittingly by his real-life son, Sage Stallone. The film is a complete farce of the franchise with the main message being: throwing a punch will solve all of your problems and the meat-headed attitude throughout the film betrays the characters. Throughout the film we are annoyed to death by an irritating boxing promoter who is trying to get Rocky out of retirement, and when that plan fails, sets his sights on the impressionable, Tommy Gunn. The film ends with a retarded street fight between Rocky and Tommy that really just has to be seen to be believed and it's such a weak way to cap off the franchise at the time. Most franchises have one or a few black sheep installments, and this is easily the worst film in the Rocky series and you can honestly skip right over it if you're marathoning the films. Oh, and you got to love how Rocky Jr. goes from being about 8 years old in Rocky 4, to like 14 in this film in the span of Rocky's flight home from Russia, continuity ftw!

Greg W (gb) wrote: good chemistry between the leads, Stewart & Goddard