Pardon My Backfire

Pardon My Backfire

The stooges are auto mechanics who need money so they can marry their girls. When some escaped convicts pull into their garage, the boys manage to capture them and use the reward money to marry their sweethearts. It appears to be an early attempt at 3D with the closeups and effects used.

It appears to be an early attempt at 3D with the closeups and effects used. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ville H (it) wrote: eipa oo dollareita taha varmaankaan uponnut

Mason W (mx) wrote: Strong attention to period detail and talented cast (Stanley Tucci, Julia Ormond, Jane Krakowski, Wallace Shawn, Joan Cusack) who are given little to do.

Jackson C (ru) wrote: United 93 shows the incredible courage shown by the passengers on board, but the movie gravitates towards them at the very end of the film. The buildup of the events took way too long and took away much of the emotions at the end, and much of the event presented at the beginning doesn't do much to create the needed atmosphere at the end. But the performance by the actors are incredibly well done and hows their determination on what was a tragic day. The emotion just from the topic is already incredibly strong, but the film does not really expand on the emotion enough. I would have liked to learn more about the passengers as well to create more of a personal bond to them.

Jose R (ca) wrote: :-(And the baby girl's name was Amanda...:-(((

Entertain Me O (gb) wrote: 56%As a fan of the novel, the film does an okay job in interpreting it; but the acting and certain changes are very bad.

Chris M (us) wrote: Not bad, not bad. I'm a sucker for clowns. I just like them. I watched this in the Halloween season of 2009, which was the year I was dressing up as Pennywise from "IT" so I was on a clown...uh...binge? Actually, that's a scary image, stop that... Anyway, "Clownhouse" delivers what it advertises. Clowns. Killer clowns (not to be confused with Killer Klowns) that break into a house to terrorize some kids. It's good fun, and I recall some jump moments that actually worked. It's not great, but not bad either. Give it a watch if you're bored.

Laura M (jp) wrote: This was a rather well-done movie. I also like how it was treated as any other love story. The kissing scenes were a bit lulzy, however (looked a bit like face eating), but at the same time it was 1987 and I have seen worse. I liked it.

Alaine B (br) wrote: Kathleen Turner "as you like her". Anthony Perkins portrays crazy. Annie Potts is wasted. Man and woman live lives of unreality and distance, find each other, learn about honesty and reality. Much sex, one killing. Has a few moments...a few.

Dylan C (kr) wrote: Admittedly pretty bad but nevertheless a lot of fun, Spacehunter: Adventures in the Forbidden Zone is a star wars rip-off, in which a Han Solo-esque hero goes to strange planet to save 3 women. Along the way he encounters mutants, monsters, and a villain who looks a lot like Pinhead without the pins. The set pieces, acting, and dialogue are all pretty tacky but this movie isn't meant to be taken seriously; all it aspires to be is an enjoyable 90 minute distraction and that's exactly what it is.

Private U (jp) wrote: Y prequel i Prodigal Son. Kung Fu gwych!

Terry I (ag) wrote: This film was SO far ahead of its time. Hitchcock touches on deep & twisted psychological themes anchored by Hedren's tour-de-force performance. The much criticized colors & process shots only add to the dream-like qualities of this intriguing film. The denouement with Louis Latham is compelling.

Nicolas B (kr) wrote: Yes, it's a rather stupid alien invasion flick, but undeniably funny.

Yeppers y (ag) wrote: AMAZING! I recommend it!