The story of the Buckman family and friends, attempting to bring up their children. They suffer/enjoy all the events that occur: estranged relatives, the "black sheep" of the family, the eccentrics, the skeletons in the closet, and the rebellious teenagers.

Perfectionist Gil Buckman is a funny and loving husband who's also trying too hard to be the "perfect" parent to his uniquely different kids. As Gil and the rest of the Buckmans discover, being the "perfect" parent often means just letting children be themselves. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Parenthood torrent reviews

Bill B (mx) wrote: I had heard fun things about this low budget horror/comedy and I can happily say that they paid of in spades. The great box art and posters sold me on the film, and the story was fun and clever enough to make you look past any budget constraints and just go along for the ride.Well worth a look.

Kevin P (ru) wrote: Misschien wel de slechtste komedie die ik ooit in mijn leven ben tegengekomen. Het is de heren Seltzer en Friedberg gelukt om een komedie te maken die lager is dan afval. De pis en poep grappen zijn niet te tellen, en na 30 minuten kon ik het mezelf niet verdragen om hier nog langer doorheen te kunnen zitten. Dat deze heren nog steeds films mogen maken, is voor iedereen een grote vraag die we blijkbaar nooit beantwoordt krijgen !

Jude P (mx) wrote: 5 times thumbs up. Brilliant film making. But with humor and a bit ludicrousness, I guess.

cli o (br) wrote: really wana see this

owen b (gb) wrote: it's incredibly hard to describe this movie. i'm not sure if the words exist to describe it to you. it's such an impossible task that i'm not even sure it can be completed. it surely is a horrible piece of shit. but since the magnificent seven is coming out soon, I decided to talk about this movie. where to begin. so the film is boring from the get go and it never stops being that way for the rest of the movie other than the effects and the action scenes, there's really nothing this film to offer. this is how you ruin a samurai story that's supposed to be based on a "true story".Owens grade: D

Greg D (jp) wrote: With potential to be a laugher of a horror film, the opposite comes true, as the scares are there with a premise reminiscent of a cross between the urban myth Bloody Mary tale, A Nightmare on Elm Street, and Rosemary's Baby.

Josh S (jp) wrote: This film complete trash. DON'T WATCH IT!!!!!

Andy P (ru) wrote: House of Cards is high brow political drama of the finest sort, a caustic satire that boasts a towering performance from Ian Richardson that is wry, commanding and terrifying all at once.

Carlton R (gb) wrote: Adam West is just fantastic in this, lost in space style classic,Shot in Zabriski Death Valley, the scenery and sets are breathtaking, Sadly Adam West is only in it briefly, but Paul Mantee is excellent, It's a slow paced Sci fi story that follows the survival of a man and his monkey on Mars, a classic.A sequel was also planned but due to this performing poorly at box office, it was shelved, however since it's release it has become a much loved cult classic

JB W (us) wrote: A pretty unique film, sounds like another battle royale. A lot of actions. For fans who like Christopher Lambert and gunzzz.

Nicki M (nl) wrote: I can't imagine why I originally gave this 4 stars. It is pretty average.

MacDara C (ca) wrote: (Watched Fri 01 Feb 2008)