At an early age, Kishen, to provide a better life for himself and his younger brother Karan, entered the underworld. To prevent the same fate from happening to Karan, he sent him abroad, but before this had happened, Karan had fallen in love with his friend Prakash's sister, Paro. Years pass, and now Kishen is the henchman of Anna, a psychotic don. Karan returns to Bombay and immediately goes to meet Prakash, now an honest police officer. But Anna's men kill Prakash right in front of Karan, and he learns of his brother's involvement with Anna. Against Kishen's wishes, he joins Anna's gang and starts tipping off a rival gang. This is revenge for Prakash's death-by playing off one gang against the other, he hopes to exterminate both of them at the same time. In a desperate attempt to get Karan away from it all, Kishen gets him married to Paro. But when the couple are brutally killed on their wedding night, Kishen is out for revenge...

Two brothers are caught on the different sides of a gang war. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Sylvester K (ag) wrote: Very typically New Zealand. It was genuinely enjoyable. The sountrackwas fantastic, the songs are really well balanced and were preciselychosen for the different scenes, also established the setting clearly.The acting was very raw and natural like, Rena Owen proved her worthonce again. The plot was somewhat cliched but stil maintained someinteresting little lines that surprised viewers.

John W (ru) wrote: One is being generous.

Jayakrishnan R (ag) wrote: Even Monica Belluci's tits can't save this horrible, dull and excessively over-the-top film.

Art S (br) wrote: interesting concept mostly well executed. the modest, focused setting provides more of a play dynamic than a movie and conveys a claustrophobic vibe that reinforces one of its central themes. and there are great supporting roles across the board --- especially Sonja. but it was hard for me to like the lead character, and that drags the whole thing down a bit. love the Ramon vs El Peruano scene. that's inspired storytelling.

Octavian (mx) wrote: [Interested: cannot find.]

David H (de) wrote: I like this Movie its a hillarious Hommage to old Intereuropean detective storys i like Eugene Levys Kind of Humour and i like Richard Lewis

Lilian W (us) wrote: For timing purposes I only re watched Allen's segment here.

Paul P (us) wrote: It's shocking how the director Bruce Beresford skips over details that you'd think would be essential for the story. Duvall's entire back story isn't told in flashbacks or one big revealing scene. Not only does it skip over the courtship between Duvall and Tess Harper, they never show them making love or even kissing. And i still cared, i still bought it and when it was over i wanted more. Duvall once again brings his 'A' game, the guy doesn't know any other way. I hate country music but the lyrics to these songs are like characters' commentaries on there own lives and it works perfectly.

Nicole O (it) wrote: The Killer of Sheep is a really brilliant downer. BTW, the soundtrack is stunning, too. I'll never hear Dinah Washington the same way again.

Brian R (it) wrote: Pleasingly sinister and slightly fruity melodrama set in New Yoick at the turn of the 20th century. A suave and very Hungarian Paul Lukas tries to convince psychiatrist George Brent that his missus Hedley, sorry, Hedy Lamarr is bonkers (technical term) but is she? Director Jacques Tourneur was a dab hand at films like this and he doesn't disappoint, putting together an entertaining and diverting piece of nonsense which looks splendid - the set design and swirling snowstorms help in creating a hedley, sorry, heady atmosphere. It's not all out of the top drawer though: George Brent's performance is as woody as the non-business end of asparagus but even that is quite charming. And the music is a bit intrusive at times. Someone really should have told the orchestra to go pianissimo.

Wes S (fr) wrote: As interesting as the ape-revolt should have been, this is by far one of the blandest executions of it. Empty characters, slow-moving scenes, and a rather messy plot. Not everything is bad, Caesar manages to feel threatening (and understanding, depending on which version of the film you watch). In the end, its a lackluster origin story that doesn't give its all.

Filius S (ag) wrote: Grandma's Boy is the funniest Adam Sandler movie since The Waterboy, which is kind of weird because he's not actually in it. It's made by his production company though - Happy Madison - so you'll see plenty of familiar faces from Sandler's films, like: Todd (the guy who stranglers Sandler to death in a bathtub) from Little Nicky, both of the metalheads from Little Nicky, and Nick Swardson. It's also got this skinny Napoleon Dynamite-esque style guy who plays a hilariously convincing douchebag villain, Kevin Nealon and a pre-Superbad fame Jonah Hill. The movie is focused on the world of video game developers and testers. Todd from Little Nicky plays Alex, who is a 40 year old developer who smokes too much weed, but kicks ass at video games - both playing them, and making them. He gets booted out of his house for not paying his rent because of his deadbeat roommate, and he goes to stay with Swardson for a while. Unfortunately, Swardson lives with his parents, and that goes sour pretty quick, so Alex is forced to move in with the only other person who will take him in: his Grandma. Meanwhile at work, the big-shot game developer is some stereotypical Sandler film asshole in nerd form. There's a consistently escalating beef between him and the rest of the team and it's up to Alex to save the day, and win the girl. The girl in this film is some new blood bombshell who joins the company as the only girl around for what I can only imagine are demographic legal reasons, and the traditional nice guy romancing happens, as it always does in Sandler's films. Alex and his friends spend the majority of their time getting stoned and playing video games, so if that's you're thing, you and this movie will get along great. The movie unfortunately didn't do so hot in theatres, but it made a fuck ton of return in DVD sales, achieving cult status, and carving a good foothold for Hill, Swardson and the villain, who ended up snagging a role in Avatar later on. TL;DR - 8/10Although it's not the funniest movie, it's surprisingly amusing. The actors get along well, and have a definite sense of camaraderie, which helps keep the 'by the numbers' storyline afloat. There's a lot of entertainment here, and the movie does an okay job presenting the world of video game development to someone who has no clue about it. It's the type of movie that Adam Sandler would make if he was still his 90's self today, but the guy who plays the lead really holds it together in his place. All of this, and there's still a good chunk of laughs and memorable/quotable lines. Definitely check it out.

Amanda N (kr) wrote: This is probably one of my favourite Denzel Washington movie! It brings out so many emotions and makes you understand what it means to have unconditional love for your children!

Jonathan P (nl) wrote: The biggest issue with surviving Christmas is the horrible writing that is unable to provide a character anyone can really like. The acting isn't great and mostly that is due to the por writing as well. This film might have been better with a better writer but as is it is an over-acted, poorly directed and unfunny Christmas flick.

Gus S (fr) wrote: Confusing, not well-constructed screenplay has a negative effect on what could have been an enjoyable film. Aliens are unique but their purpose on earth and how they have been carrying out their plans are never fully understood. Acting overall is terrible but look for Kenneth Tobey (The Thing) and June Lockhart (Lost in Space) as homage cameos.

Greg W (ca) wrote: a 2 yuck movie it had its funny parts but not as good as 'napoleon dynamite'