Anders and Puk's dream has come true. They've finally bought their own house and at a real good price. Their teenage daughter might cheer up as she gets her own room in the basement. After ...

Anders and Puk move into their dream house which is still in a state of refurbishment. To be able to afford the expense, they decide to rent the basement out to family therapist Ulrik. Very soon, Ulrik has put their marriage to a severe test. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Mira Mohd S (ru) wrote: I am just waiting for the time when film makers in Bollywood realize remaking Classics is a bad idea! Sure their are a few exceptions like Don & Agneepath, also last years Chasme Badoor, who managed to do well with the audience & BO wise, but generally whats the point in redoing the whole thing in a modern way, when the audience already prefers the original one. The comparisons between the two products is the 1st thing which sabotages the film. Here, the film uses the same plot of 1982 version & ups the vulgarity & sexual jokes! The plot itself is ridiculous - 3 old men are in search of a lady partner to satisfy their ever longing lust, after a few failed attempts with escorts in their local farmhouse they land in Mauritius & start vooing their land lady (who is half their age) in order to bed her! Seriously? They have promoted this movie as a family entertainer, but with the amount of crass here, I am not sure what they want people to watch. One side you try to strict yourself for exploring the possibility of naughty side of subject but then expose the lead lady in bikini!!! Their is a huge contradiction in the makers vision. Abhishek Sharma who previously directed the fun-loving Tere Bin Laden misses the bus this time. The movie does manage to bring a smile on your face (Akshay Kumar is trying to please a Bengali Director to act in a national award worthy film) in a few sequences. The story, screenplay and dialogues are by Tigmanshu Dhuliya, I have no idea why is he even involved in this project! The performances - the three leads Annu Kapoor, Piyush Mishra & Anupam Kher are master class of actors, no doubts on that, even though they share a great chemistry here, its just shameful & disheartening to see them fall way below their standards, while making a full of themselves, characters which C grade actors wont mind performing! Lisa Haydon as Ahana looks sexy yet sweet its a delight watching her. The only saving grace of this film is Akshay Kumar, who appears in an extended cameo at best. His antics are hysterical as he literally spoofs himself as a drunkard star who wants to leave behind the commercial cinema for an art film! Overall if you are a "Shaukeen" of crass, vulgar & idiotic films, The Shaukeens is the one for you, my advice avoid it or watch it at home just for Akshay Kumar!

Simon T (br) wrote: Steve Coogan co-writes, co-produces, and co-stars in this wonderfully funny and moving adaptation of Martin Sixsmith's account of a mother's search for the son that was taken from her in late fifties Ireland. Judi Dench is brilliant as Philomena, but the revelation is Coogan, who is an excellent foil and proves to be a seriously fine actor. Stephen Frears directs with his usual sensitivity and rigour, and Alexander Desplat's subtle and melancholy score is one of his very best. Terrific.

Caitlyn K (ag) wrote: Dont waste your time on this movie

Carlos M (it) wrote: Ceylan only seems to confirm the reservations I had about his previous film, as he goes even further than before in terms of aesthetics with a splendid cinematography but employs his pretentious, self-indulgent direction in behalf of an empty story that has nothing to say.

Average M (jp) wrote: Parts of it were funny but overall it was stupid and not entertaining. Zach Galifianakis couldn't even save this film.~ Average Movie Guy

Ethel R (mx) wrote: looks like a good movie

Dave J (it) wrote: Monday, November 18, 2013 (1989) Curfew SUSPENSE HORROR Straight to rental low budget flick starring Kyle Richards, the sister of Kim Richards who scored big on those "Witch Mountain" movies and sometimes appear in a reality show together called "the Real Housewives of ...". A rather young teenage Kyle stars in one of many screened appearances, this time she gets first billing as Stephanie Davenport with some strict parents since they have some high authority involving the justice system. Before Stephanie is allowed to go out with football player, she has a curfew to be back at 10 PM. Meanwhile, two psychopaths are going on a killing spree going after all the officials who put them in jail in the first place which includes the judge, prosecutor, lawyer etc... Because it has to be stretched into a two hour movie- 82 minutes to be exact, the makers had to find ways to stall it's viewers by making the characters idiotic and unrealistic. I mean, the two convicts can find out all the people they have on their hit list where they live in a spawn of less than two days defies logic in terms of time, and the reason that is because the makers wanted all this chaos to happen before the star makes it to her 10 O'clock curfew. Bomb

John D (it) wrote: An entertaining and skillful film. Bravo, Bob Redford! Great script and memorable performances by Timothy Hutton, Donald Sutherland, Mary Tyler Moore and all!

Kristina K (au) wrote: Absolutely vivid and funny. I enjoyed this real-life story. Sometimes you ask "how can this be true?". But some peoples lives are just meant to be great...or did they fight for what they believed in? haha

Tim M (fr) wrote: Walken plays a wild-eyed mercenary who likes to wear his pants high. Dated effects, but interesting story.

Bill R (ru) wrote: Meh. Should be called "The Asshole"