Determined to leave the ravages of war behind, 38 year old Gian Singh resigns from the British Indian Army to a quiet life. His world is soon thrown in turmoil, when he suddenly finds himself responsible for the life of a 17 year old girl, traumatized by the events that separated her from her family.

During the turmoil and violence of Partition, a Sikh ex-soldier, haunted by war, offers shelter to a young Muslim woman who has been separated from her family. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Lee M (mx) wrote: Though it's a rather one-dimensional one-trick pony, at least Neel has hit upon a compelling reason for the found-footage gimmick: to indict a narcissistic generation who think their smart phones make them royalty.

Gimly M (ag) wrote: As, unfortunately, is often the case with realistic-ish war movies, particularly those based on actual events, is that real life is just not all that interesting. I found myself thinking that it had run its course, then realising that there was still 40 minutes of runtime remaining. It's rare for me to ever say that a film could use some condensing, but in 5 Days of War I have found such an overly-long piece. The events of the film, which covers the Russia-Georgia War in the 2008 Battle of Gori, are remarkably biased in favour of the Georgians, portraying them as innocent bystanders in the South Ossetian events, and Russians as bloodthirsty thieves, rapists and murderers. Val Kilmer makes for a surprisingly pleasant addition, and primary Russian villain, Mercenary Daniil, makes for a moderate badass, but nobody else is really much of a crowd pleaser. Most saddening though is the fact that 5 Days of War just plain doesn't bring anything new to the table. I'm always keen to get behind work involving British actor Richard Coyle (Franklyn, Outpost: Black Sun, Coupling), but I'm afraid this one just has no true positive aspect. Instead, it lingers somewhere in the realm of "tolerable". It's strange for a film so laden with military action to manage feel so stagnant. 30%-Gimly

Anand K (ag) wrote: Great movie but he's super smart but forgets to pay the russian gangster loan shark??? this would have been the FIRST thing I did and I'm not even super smart. Also when the NZT falls out I would have easily tricked the gangster by saying 'oh that's great shit you should take it right now!' DER. Hollywood always goofs up on the super smart depictions....PS NZT lets you think your way out of any situation-unless the situation is russian gangster after you.....also he takes a couple sips of dude's blood and he gets the full dose of NZT??? WTF????? LOGIC, people!!!!!Also he takes NZT for months and at the end there's still the same number of pills in the bag. Those pills are like ninjas-no matter how many you kill, there's still the same number of ninjas.

Porto S (ca) wrote: hehe ,litt minus Grunnet 3 DanseTullSener??????

Joshua F (jp) wrote: It's dumb, overblown, and the writing makes it feel like a really bad fan-fiction, that some obsessed Sephiroth fan wrote. In short, its an insult to it's fantastic video game predecessor.

semsem e (it) wrote: i like it , so funny too

Tim B (gb) wrote: Didn't really get the point

dfw f (fr) wrote: Under the Sun (1998). Directed by Colin Nutley. Nominated for best foreign film (see my 4 lists o films (by year) nominated for best foreign film Oscar) A deeply moving Swedish Drama (or Romantic drama or foreign drama) This is a very fine character study of a lonely farmer age 40 who looks for a housekeeper. He has a younger male friend also. Oloff (Rolf Lassgard) has farm in a very rural area of Sweden (setting 1960s) This film explores friendship love and even a dark undercurrent of erotic sexuality. The film is very overtly sentimental and so beautifully done. ( from the HE Bates short story.) The film has a depth of emotion seldom found in American films. Rolf Lassgarrd plays a character who lives and exists with natural goodness and humanism but he is lonely and cannot read and young friend might be taking advantage of him. It did not win best foreign film of 1998 "life is Beautiful" did win. This is really an exceptional film--an up close character study It moved me greatly on the big screen and also at home Au 24 09. highly recommended. I watched with English subtitles I saw it also with the English audio track very good in this manner also. highest recommendation five stars

Bill H (us) wrote: i just wanna say that I really wanna watch this movie so much so.....please!!!play this movie on rcti or global TV...

Ethan P (ca) wrote: Utterly void of any intelligence or thought, Billy Madison is the first movie in a while that is as pointless as it was unfunny. There were interesting and funny moments occasionally throughout, but mostly just incredibly stupid and laughless idiocy.

Mike S (jp) wrote: Hey, Jason is in this one! Listen folks, cult classics like this are always meant to be seen, you really have to enjoy cheesy horror cliches and bad acting to like the first and second Friday the 13th. This is just an overall dud.

Scott A (us) wrote: Pretty good film, despite the plot being all over the place.The cast is what makes this so enjoyable. Eastwood and Lewis are great together, and their respective women, D'Angelo and Locke, are also good...although I was very confused by the Eastwood/Locke relationship. Maybe it's explained why she was so flaky in the sequel?And what's the deal with the monkey? How and why does he have one? Just for a few humorous scenes? I mean....SPOILER.....they actually break into a zoo to try to get the monkey laid at one point?And I still don't get all the fighting. Not an easier way to earn a living?But after two films, I'm in love with Locke! She is so perfect. Where did her career go?I also forgot to add that both the Mother character and the Black Widow gang, and their awesome theme song, really help this movie out a lot!

Collin R (jp) wrote: 15 minutes I couldnt even bring myself to care

Jamin M (us) wrote: I like this movie. The story is decent. It's also very funny, energetic, nicely animated, and has likeable characters. It's obviously one of Adam Sandler's best films. The voice acting is very good, too. Sandler does an awesome job as Dracula. The characters, like I said, are very likable. Mavis is cute and sweet, Drac is funny as heck, Johnny is fun, and Frankenstein, Murray, Griffin, and Wayne, are all great as well. It's just such a funny movie. The humor is just so bizzare and crazy that you can't help but laugh. The story may be thinly scripted and it's no masterpiece, but I think Hotel Transylvania is lots of fun with really good humor and a sweet, lighthearted feel to it. I guess many adults may not find it too great, but it's worth at least one viewing

Patty L G (gb) wrote: A nice movie. Fun and fanciful, but with a serious side.

Shawn W (it) wrote: Pretty interesting journey for a martial artist who seeks Zetan, the keeper of a highly coveted book of enlightenment. The journey ends with the hero finding himself. There is no book - a bit of a let down.